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Alex Ra Shouldn’t Amazon want police to have that technology so they can figure out who burned their warehouse? And steal hundreds of thousands of dollars in deliveries each year? Just a thought I guess.

Gwindel G. Ross Maybe everyone should stop ordering from Amazon for the next year as well and support your locally owned stores. I know I can, and will. This is what happens when companies get to big, they think that the people can't live without them. I'm not one of those people.

Stan Presley SOOOO Let me get this straight...... Looters can post their malicious acts on line.... but the Police cannot use the posting to find them on social media??? I bet if their offices were looted and burned during the recent riots and "Un-civil" disorder... they would be providing the name and address of everyone who damaged their property.

Paul Clark Great decision - de-fund law enforcement and make their jobs harder. What are the details on this software - purchased, leased,?
This is just one of many stupid decisions over the last two weeks.

Melissa Bowles I’m trying to understand how this helps anyone feel better or what positive may come of this, and I cannot. A company that doesn’t help or support our law enforcement do BETTER at their jobs is not a company I want to support. At least this will make my husband feel better about our bank account when I get rid of my membership. So I guess that’s one positive.

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