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Wanted Mail Order Business Associates will train one million Friends Mail Order Laws and Regulations how to make Big Bucks 

Forever stamps program Chain Letter junk 52  Keys to live , Five things you must do How to have Fun In Mail Order 40 business Report! Sucess Wealth Secrets Truth about Mail Order Seniors Marketing Guide, How to get 10,000 People to help you how to Raise Money for your Business all Training -Full Reprint Right (all for $100.00 :  To Lofton and Company -P.O. Box 1791 Wilson N.C. 27893

Code#447       Name                    ________________________________________________________________________)______

Adress_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________City ___________________________________________________________________________________________



Code# 447_______________________________________________________________________________________________

phone (*252-243-9665 - Email Frank [email protected]

place your phone # and Email Address with OrderBreak thought BIG  BANK MONEYSpirit Hallelujah I Help People Live well fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffHallelujah Thank you Min W. Powell . Earn 60% on More Response ad sheet $5.00 per Camera Ready inch send to: Richard Lanier 306 East 171 Street Apt 2-F Bronx New York 10457       ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

send Cash or Money order only


sell item in catolog for profit make $50 $100 $200,00 in sells for  CATOLOG  SEND $5.00 cash or Money order only

and a 3x9 Self Adressed Stamped  Envelope To: Richard Lanier 306 East 171 Street Apt 2-F Bronx New York 10457

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