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Hidden City - How to Use a Wiki

Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows (previously titled "Mystery of Shadows") is an action-packed, incredibly fun hidden object puzzle game. Fulfill risky quests, explore dungeons, Hidden wiki URL fight monsters and rid the city of unexplained phenomena!

The diary is the main in-game screen that allows players to track their progress through investigations (cases). The Diary also shows important information such as how many items are needed at each exploration level.
What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website that allows its visitors to add and edit content. This feature, which makes it possible to create and modify pages quickly and easily, is what distinguishes a wiki from other types of websites. Wikis are often used to share knowledge in an organization or community. This knowledge can be anything from how-to guides and manuals to employee training materials, customer support information, and more. Wikis can be internal (accessible only to employees) or external (accessible to the public).

The word wiki comes from the Hawaiian term for quick, and it’s fitting that a wiki is a type of site that can be edited quickly and efficiently. However, it’s important to remember that not all wikis are created equal. The most famous example of a wiki is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Many wikis keep a record of all changes made to pages, meaning that an earlier version of a page can be restored in the event that a mistake is discovered or content is removed by someone with bad intentions. In addition, wikis allow users to “tag” pages with categories and keywords that help others find them. For example, if a user creates a new page on cold-weather biking, they might tag it with the category of “commuting” or the keyword “bike.”

For businesses, wikis are an ideal tool for collaborating on projects, sharing customer feedback, and updating business documents. They’re also useful for creating a central hub for collaborative knowledge, especially for remote or mobile teams. Additionally, wikis can be linked to other work management tools like Slack to make it easy for teams to collaborate, regardless of their location or device.

Whether working remotely or in-office, collaboration is key to getting the job done right. In fact, it’s essential for problem-solving, fostering teamwork and personal growth, increasing productivity, and decreasing stress. But it can be challenging to stay organized and communicate effectively when your team members are spread out across the country or world. That’s where a wiki can come in handy.
How to edit a wiki page

When you want to edit a page, click the “Edit this Page” tab at the top of the page (or on a section-edit link). Then you’ll see a text box where you can type. You can also use wiki markup to add links, create tables and insert images into the page.

Please make your edits in a way that’s respectful of other users. Practice open-mindedness and assume good faith—most people who work on a wiki are trying to help it, not hurt it! If you have an issue with a user, try to discuss it first before taking additional steps. You can also use the community’s discussion forums to resolve issues.

If you notice a problem with an article or section, click the “Report this page” link at the bottom of the page to notify the community moderators. They’ll investigate the matter and take action if necessary.

When editing a wiki, be sure to sign your name in the edit summary box (the small text field below the edit area). This helps keep track of who made what changes and is important for maintaining the integrity of the wiki. You should always sign your edits on talk pages and some special-purpose project pages, but you do not have to sign them on articles.

Most pages are open for anyone to edit, but if you’re an admin or content moderator, you can lock a page. This will prevent people from easily ruining valuable information on the wiki. If you want to lock a page, contact the wiki admin or a staff member.

If you’re editing a page about a specific character, consider using the tag feature to help others find that information. To add a tag, start typing the character’s name followed by an @ (“at” sign) and then the first couple of letters of the person you wish to tag. The system should then display a list of users who have that character in their username. Select the one you want to tag. This is a great way to keep the page organized and searchable.
How to reference a wiki page in comments

When commenting on a wiki page, you can reference the page by using a link to it or by writing its name in double square brackets. You can also use the wiki markup language to format your text and create links. If you don't know the wiki markup language, you can refer to the WikiCreole cheat sheet to learn how to use it.

Wiki pages can include a variety of content blocks, including images, documents, and spreadsheets. When you edit a wiki page, all of the content blocks on the page are updated and saved at the same time. If you delete a content block, it is deleted from the wiki page and isn't available for restore. When you move a content block, the comments on the block are hidden, but the comments aren't deleted from the wiki page.

You can watch a wiki page to receive email notifications whenever it is updated or when someone adds a new comment. To watch a wiki page, click the button with a watch icon next to its title on the wiki page. To unwatch a wiki page, click the button again.

When you write a wiki article, it's important to include references (refs) to validate your work and to let readers understand where the information came from. Without references, an editor might remove your article or may wonder why you're quoting someone else without attributing their words to their source. To avoid this, always quote a source when possible, and if you can't find a source, add citation needed or its shortcut, cn, at the end of the reference.

If you are a project owner, you can edit and delete a wiki page. If you created a wiki page, you can assign its edit and delete access rights to other project users. For a wiki page that you didn't create, depending on the edit and delete access that the creator of the page has assigned to other project members, you might be unable to edit or delete it.
How to tag a wiki page

There are several ways to link a wiki page. You can use wiki link syntax or the enhanced text editor. Both can create a link to another page in the same wiki, to a different wiki, or to an external URL. Links created with the wiki link syntax are styled using piped markup, which makes them appear as stylish links. You can also include a number to make the link take you to a specific section of the page. For example, #Example_section_3 goes to the third section of the page with the same name.

The enhanced text editor has a few additional features for linking. These include an internal link button, a page link button, and a link to a wiki page (with a blue background).

You can also use the enhanced text editor to link directly to a desired heading in a wiki page in the same or different wiki. To do this, copy the desired page's link including a hashtag and the heading name into the Link URL or page field of the enhanced text editor. Then click Ok. The link text turns blue and when clicked, the user is taken to the corresponding page.

When you tag a page, you can add an excerpt to the tag description that explains what the tag is for. This is shown to people who search for the tag and can help them decide whether or not to click on it. The excerpt can be as long or short as you like.

A good tag description is an important part of a successful wiki. If you're struggling to come up with a good description, check out the Guidelines for Tag Descriptions on the Wiki Help Site. These contain useful tips for creating a great tag description.

Often, the best way to describe a topic is to use a full wiki article. However, a wiki's length restrictions and lack of Markdown can make it difficult to get an entire definition into the tag description. If this is the case, you may find it easier to copy an existing article such as a Wikipedia article about the subject. Just be sure to cite the source properly.