The 2-Minute Rule for Parking Equipment

In the last decade there have been a lot of car parks across the world  have come up with innovative and fresh ideas for parking. Smart technology allows park users parking equipment supplier to use their barcodes to enter a virtual payment gateway. Parking equipment has evolved with the introduction of smart card readers. Whether you are going to central London hotel or a suburban shopping mall, here are the most recent parking equipments and systems currently in use:

Real-time Parklink. There are many parking systems that  public transport companies utilize and include Automatic Parklink. This is a high tech system that is operated by two transponders. One is placed at each end of the car park and linked through an electrical cable to a payment gate that accepts electronic tokens, such as debit and credit cards. The system calculates the time it takes to get a car from A to B. It also makes use of an entry point at the garage's entry point to calculate the fare.

Automated gate closing. This innovative parking equipment uses an infrared signal which is transmitted along the road in front of the vehicle. When the infrared signal has been detected by the system, the gate will close and ensures that the driver can get into their vehicle without having to waste any time. It is the ideal solution for car parks with limited spaces and also works well with the most recent Automatic number plate recognition.

Real-time access control. This type of parking device is a great example of innovation. This is ideal for parking lots that need to be regularly monitored. The best method to access this facility is by using a smartphone or an access control card. Simply scan the bar code on the license plate of the car using your smartphone and you'll be in a position to gain access to the facility. After scanning access to the car park is granted immediately.

Recognition of license plates. This is another great innovation with this type of parking equipment. With the advancements in technology found in modern day parking facilities the technology of recognizing license plates is now one of the most reliable ways to identify vehicles inside the parking garage. It lets you identify the vehicle and reduces time. People can identify the vehicle easily using the smartphone or access card in case it is lost.

Parking signage. Another piece of parking equipment that is being introduced to boost parking revenues is signage. Signage systems aid drivers in knowing where the parking facilities are located and what they are used for. If you're looking for pay parking or premium parking, or regular parking signs should be in a position to assist you. Signage can be used to identify premium parking areas. The signage may also help drivers find services and products inside the parking facility.

Parking control and monitoring systems for parking control and monitoring. There are numerous new parking equipments, but there are also old parking control and monitoring system that require replacement. These include security cameras, radar detectors and CCTV systems. These are just a few of the surveillance tools used to monitor parking spaces. You must ensure that your parking lot is fitted with the top surveillance equipment to maximize parking revenue.

The latest parking equipment is up-to-date and provides the best quality and efficiency. Parking equipment makes parking safer and more convenient. Even with the most advanced parking equipment, it is essential to maintain and watch over the facilities. You have to make sure that the signs that you have put up are up-to-date and effective. Regular maintenance activities like checking the tires and the wiring system at the parking area off-street are also essential.