Bakemonogatari - A Review of the Anime

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Bakemonogatari - A Review of the Anime

It can be difficult to choose from the many anime series available. Bakemonogatari is a great choice for those who want a show with witty dialogues and lots of character development. It is also a visually appealing anime which I love to see in anime.

Monogatari has become famous for the unique and quirky way it tells stories. The original light novel was written by Nisio ISIN and is a collection of short stories that tell supernatural tales in an animated format. The anime adaptation of this series was produced by Shaft, an animation studio that is known for their unusual visual style.

The first season of the Bakemonogatari anime was Monogatari released in 2009 and it is a series that follows Koyomi Araragi, a student who has been turned into a vampire. He is cured of his vampirism by a mysterious homeless man and then finds himself helping other students with their own supernatural issues.

Each season of the show has a series of arcs centered around a girl with an animal spirit issue. This is the case with Hitagi Senjougahara, who doesn't weigh anything; Suruga Kanbaru, who has a monkey-like right arm; Mayoi Hachikuji, who cannot find her way home; and Nadeko Sengoku, who has an odd appearance that isn't really her own.

As soon as the story begins, it is clear that Koyomi has a great heart and helps every girl he meets who has a problem. This is a great thing to see in an anime because it shows that even if a person has a big problem, they will do what they can to help them out.

Another great thing to see in an anime is the relationships that are formed between the characters. This is an important part of the series, and it makes the plot more interesting as we can see how the characters' personalities change.

Eventually, Koyomi gets into a relationship with Hitagi Senjougahara and they end up becoming a real couple in the process. This is a really strong aspect of the series and it shows that even though these girls are dealing with some weird supernatural things, they still have feelings for each other.

The story is a little bit confusing at times because it has so many different arcs that go on. Each arc has their own timeline and it can be hard to keep track of which arc is coming up next. This watch order guide will make it easier for you.

It is a mixture of genres which makes it interesting to watch. You can expect some comedy and some heartfelt moments. It is a very unusual show, but it does a great job of balancing out all the elements that come together in this very strange story. The characters are all incredibly well rounded, and the animation is top notch. This is definitely a must-watch for any anime fan!