Enslaved Humans or Free Spirits?

This maintain the free streaming power of mankind to nestle with each other, although not package together. This moves contrary to the anthropological claims that mankind is just a herd mammal; that we should work with the herds. The 5 Pentad doesn't work with the herds because it cannot be loaded,however it's tribal since it nestles within its own kind. There's generally a free lively character within the 5 Pentad. What's an individual had numerous 5's that become a spiral of energy Carp rods?

As character attempts balance so do we. Spirals seek to stability opposites. Spirals seek reconciliation within. Spirals really are a vortex energy that will tilt from area to another if they're maybe not balanced. But overall the control always attempts balance within the polarity of their structure. We as natural beings are bigger of the smaller and smaller of the more expensive and that is established through spirals; therefore, we as a species cannot really say we are higher or reduced than some other generation on the planet.

Hurricanes are big spirals. We reside in a spiral galaxy. Vortexes are large spirals and so can be tornadoes. However, roses and maple cones are spirals, ram's horns, nautilus shells and many other normal creations. We've two spirals inside our heart. Spirals within our bones. Spirals inside our hair. There is a spiral in the Organ of Corti in our inner ear. And there's also a sizable spiral of power that comes from the star Sirius that is add up to our personal DNA. So, we're larger of small and smaller of the larger. Maybe not greater or reduced and mankind must appreciate this value.

When one 5 is present in someone's being of energy they'll be attracted to experience the senses and seek flexibility from almost any restriction or restriction. When any design is tripled this becomes a spiral. Therefore, the 555 represents a control of energy that seeks harmony within the diversity of the senses. This includes sensuality and sexuality. The 555 being an obelisk presents the creative generative energy achieving to hidden heights within the cosmos.

The 555 in a person's angstroms or energy assumes on an excellent cost of energy to seek freedom from limitations by way of a stability of the sensual and sexual. To stability a control there has to be an equal amount of power used within the poles. There should be a harmony of sensuality and sexuality and one can not be changed for the other or the spiral is imbalanced. Many those who have the 555 are flexibility seekers through sensuality or sexuality.