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Mehrad Hidden is an Iranian band that is known for their catchy songs. Some of their hits include Zedbazi, Zoozanaghe and Salakh. Here's a look at their discography. In addition to Mehrad's discography, the band has released a series of singles.

Mehrad is an Iranian singer-songwriter who has a huge fan base in Iran and the world. He has published many songs throughout his career. He also collaborated with Saman Wilson to form Bozorg, a band that gained momentum with Bozorg Vol 2. His latest albums, Sefr and Toonel Vol 1&2, showcase his diverse musical range and roots. In addition to his latest work, Mehrad is planning to release another album, Zoozanaghe, in the near future.

This wiki is designed to provide information about Mehrad Hidden's career and achievements. It contains information on six songs by this popular Iranian artist. His songs have a range of chart positions from #10 to #488. They have spent a total of 24 weeks on the charts. They also appeared on the Top Chart, an Iranian music chart that measures the best Iranian musicians.
Toonel vol.2

Mehrad Hidden has released two albums with different styles, including electronic and conventional music. The first one, Toonel vol.1, was released in February 2017 and featured artists such as Saman Wilson, Arash Dara, Sijal, Canis, and DJ Rassek. The second album is expected to be released sometime in 2020. The singer has also released an album titled Yeksin on September 20, 2017.

Another song, Tabestoon Kootahe, was released in February. It was composed by Sokhrab MJ, a vocalist with Zedbazi. It was released to promote the islamic revolution. It is an instrumental piece and contains many beautiful vocals.

Zoozanaghe in Mehrad is a forthcoming album by Iranian singer-songwriter Mehrad. He has released numerous songs in his career. He collaborated with Saman Wilson to form the band Bozorg, which gained momentum with the release of Bozorg Vol. 2. Some of his previous albums are Sefr and Toonel Vols. I and II, which showcase his roots in Persian music, include a remix of "Asia" by Anwar Assadi.

If you're looking for information on Hidden wiki Mehrad Zedbazi, you've come to the right place. He's been working on his debut album since 2007. The name Zed was first mentioned in 2007 and he was also rumored to be linked to Bahram and A2 groups.

Zedbazi is best known for his music. His album "Toonel" features Saman Wilson, Alireza JJ, and Sohrab MJ. He has also performed at many other music festivals around the world. The songs on Toonel are a great combination of traditional Persian music and modern electronica.

The lyrics of Zedbazi songs often deal with controversial topics, including drugs and sex. In addition, ZedBazi is the most exclusive hip hop group in Iran. They have collaborated only twice with Hichkas, in the song "vase har Irani." However, Hidden also appears in Erfan's "Khatte man" remix, which is not considered an original collaboration.