Insulated Plasterboard From The Builder Depot

In the case of insulated plasterboard, fire protection board the decorative side should be visible. Therefore, it is recommended to position fixings between the board and the wall, 13 to 10mm from the edge. Also, cut edges should be positioned at internal angles. After cutting the plasterboard, it is important to fix it.

Gyproc Gyproc Thermaline Plus

If you're looking for an insulated plasterboard that offers medium level insulation, then Gyproc Thermaline Plus may be the ideal choice for you. Made from orange Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation and ivory gyproc wallboard, it's a CFC and HCFC-free product that's designed to enhance the thermal performance of any building, while reducing the risk of condensation inside your home.

You can cut a Thermaline Plus board with a utility or plasterboard saw. However, be sure to wear protective clothing when cutting Gyproc Thermaline boards. After cutting, you should store them on a flat surface away from moisture. It is also advisable to cover them with a weatherproofing material to prevent them from crumbling. Once used, Thermaline Plus insulated plasterboards can be recycled after they have been taken down, but do check that they're free from non-gypsum materials.

Insulated plasterboards come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. They come with a PIR foam core and a vapour control layer. They are suitable for internal walls and roofs. The standard and moisture resistant versions are also available.

Installing insulated plasterboard on timber frames is not complicated. It requires no special expertise or tools. Most insulated plasterboard products are sized to fit studs spaced 600mm apart. You can use drywall screws and helical fixings to secure them.
GTEC high-performance acoustic boards

GTEC high-performance acoustics boards provide up to 49dB sound insulation. They can be used for walls, ceilings and partition systems. They are also stronger and denser than standard boards. They are ideal for loft conversions and stud partitions. GTEC also offers a range of water resistant plasterboards, including the GTEC Moisture Plasterboard and Aqua Board. These boards provide additional protection against fungus and water damage.

GTEC high-performance acoustics boards are ideal for use in residential or multi-occupancy accommodation. They are suitable for ceilings, wall linings and stud partitions. They are also fire-resistant, making them suitable for use in public buildings, such as cinemas.

Acoustic boards are available in a range of colours. Most of these boards can be painted or decorated. They can be used in bedrooms, and are also ideal for party walls and ceilings between flats. They can also be used to control excessive noise in rooms. They are also a popular choice for hospitals and lodges.

Celotex insulated plasterboard is another excellent choice for high thermal performance. It is a part of the Saint-Gobain group of plasterboard brands, and is a reputable, high-performance product. It can help you freshen up your home with a new look, or makeover your existing interior.
Gyproc Thirmaline Basic

The Gyproc Thirmaline Basic insulated wallboard is a basic form of thermal insulation plasterboard. Its ivory colour is bonded to a layer of CFC and HCFC-free Expanded Polystyrene. This board is mainly used in rooms that need only a basic level of additional insulation. It is available in thicknesses of 30 and 40mm.

Gyproc Thirmaline thermal insulated plasterboard is a great space-saving solution. It is a quick and easy way to insulate walls and floors. The insulation is bonded to the back of the board, making it incredibly efficient at insulating the area. This plasterboard is available from British Gypsum in a range of thicknesses and sizes.
Gyproc Soundbloc

When choosing the correct insulating plasterboard for your project, check that the manufacturer specifies a variety of safety regulations. British Gypsum offers a variety of plasterboard materials including Gyproc Wallboards, Moisture Resistant Boards, Gyproc Thermaline PIR, Thirmaline+, and Basic boards. These materials provide a high-performance finish for both DIY and professional projects.

Gyproc Soundbloc is a specially developed British Gypsum board with an aerated gypsum core encased in a strong paper liner. It is designed to reduce sound transmission between walls by as much as 50%. It is fire resistant and light in weight.

Gyproc Soundbloc plasterboard is designed for wall and ceiling applications. It features a high-density core for sound insulation and fire resistance. It is easy to install, making it an excellent choice for wall lining and ceiling applications. It is also available in a single layer partition system.