Innovative Examples of Handmade Jewelry Boxes

The aesthetics of wooden handmade jewelry boxes have made these pieces one of the most preferred storage places for valuables. The excellent craftsmanship exhibit immaculate interiors, impeccable long-lasting joints and durable silky-smooth finish. Styling these innovative boxes from softwoods and hardwoods require time, energy and great effort. The size is dependent on the collection of jewelry items. These are generally classified under four categories: small, medium, large and extra- large.

The eye-catching handmade jewel case is used for preserving a minimum jewelry collection. The hardwood oak jewelry box presents a modern appearance. and the spray techniques as well as the air drying produces a sufficiently tough surface, useful for easy cleaning. Other unique features are the tarnish resistant fabric lining the bottom and top portion that inhibits air-borne sulfur. The 5 removable dividers assure the customers of meeting their jewelry needs, as it easily accommodates bracelets, earrings, rings, stud and hoop earrings ฟังมวยหูฟรี

The hand-crafted sculpted medium to large sized jewelry box displays incredible design and artistry. Carved from high quality wood, these flaunt customized shapes and sides, functional interiors, earring holders, necklace holders and lift-up tray. The artistic appeal is further emphasized by attractive legs and stunning inlays on the designed tops. The sloping shape offers additional durability.

The classic and exotic woodwork on jewelry boxes note-worthy features includes the necklace pouch and the velvet-padded shelf/tray for storing rings and small earrings. Furthermore, the adjustable dividers accommodate rings, watches and bracelets. If larger storage capacity is essential, there are three to six drawers, each having 12 divisions that can accommodate small pieces like earrings as well as large items like bangles. The dividers are fully lined with a tarnish-resistant fabric that eliminates any impure gas from damaging the precious ornaments.

These handmade jewelry containers can be embellished with glittering crystal display or mosaic of glass and ceramics. For exclusiveness, they can be covered with photographs for a scrapbook-collage appearance depicting captured memories A plain ornament box presents a vintage look when adorned with rhinestone. However, it can be painted with glossy white or black spray paint and covered with vibrant crystals of various hues for a spectacular finish.

Some jewelry boxes are decorated with mosaic prepared from broken ceramics or square glass tiles. After drawing the pattern on the jewelry box, each section of the box can be treated separately by adding color and shapes that complements the design. A simple yet unique mosaic can be created with colorful mixing and stacking of different materials. The largest ceramic piece should be arranged first followed by medium and smaller sizes. The jewelry box can be spray painted that harmonizes with the riot of mosaic colors to present a perfect finish to the jewelry box.