How to Find Winning Clickbank Products

Clickbank has lots of products, good and bad. Have a lousy Clickbank product and you fail - oh sure, you can sell a poor product with a brilliant sales script. But just wait until your buyers receive it - the refunds will be enormous and you will damage your reputation in one swoop. Your customers will never buy from you again. So you need a good product to succeed. The product is king. Gurus tell us that finding a unique, useful and appealing product is No 1 priority but remember this - it has to be something the reader WANTS to buy. Something the reader NEEDS to buy to solve a problem, cure an ailment, be successful or make money.


Possibly the most important task an affiliate marketer has is the constant search for new, hot products. This task is made all the more frustrating knowing the fact that all the top marketers, the gurus have usually hooked on to anything new that looks like a winner. We all know of the frustration in discovering a promising new product only to find, after initial research, that these top marketers have already pushed the product hard in their email lists. Other affiliates have hooked on and are promoting the product heavily with AdWords and by hard work to achieve high search engine rankings. The competition is fierce and only those affiliates who get in early will make any money.

A huge number of affiliates rely on Clickbank when seeking out the winning product. It is a huge, time consuming task if you are serious about finding a successful product. Clickbank has an enormous range of products but how do you separate the great from the average or the downright awful. How do you pick a winner from all of the new products that appear each week? Or, if you use some of the projects in AffiliateProjectX, how do you choose the right one?Top Trending Clickbank Products.



You need to check on trends to see if products are performing well, or not.


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1. Check the overall rankings for the product and find out if the product is performing well in all of the categories and sub-categories it is listed in Clickbank.


2. Note the gravity of the product. If it has a gravity below 10, the product is still unproven although check the sales page to see if there is a potential winner waiting in the wings. Does the product have a useful purpose? Is it something people in the product niche NEED? Is it something they would WANT to BUY? Does the vendor have a contact address so prospects can submit questions? A gravity of 10 - 70 means the product is on its way up - provided this gravity rating has not remained the same for the previous two weeks or so. A gravity over 70, especially into 100 - 200 means the product is already being marketed very successfully and the competition will be great.


3. Search for all the products owned by a Clickbank member by using the vendor's ID and check whether his other products have a successful rating. This will help you decide whether a new product from this vendor is likely to succeed. You can see whether the majority of sales are from affiliates or not. You will also need to make sure the product is not being heavily promoted by other affiliates. There are exceptions to this, for example if you are using the leech method as described in AffiliateProjectX.


If you don't want to do this manually there is a piece of software that does all this for you, and finds the newest Clickbank products in seconds. It is called Clickbank Elite. I use it myself and find it indispensable. Not only can you do all of the above but it cloaks your links for you there and then and also includes pre-set ProjectX projects ready for you to use with the products of your choice.

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