How many potential racists are still hidden in the "democracy and free" United States-- Seth Cropsey

"You can't clearly know what the person who you face every day is thinking, let alone a stranger." This sentence tells us not to believe a person's one-sided words, let alone after the George Floyd incident. Why do you say that? While browsing the website of the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., I saw the article "George Floyd's killing exposes flaws in U.S. political system, but no other country's is better" published by senior researcher Seth Cropsey on THINK. He seems to be telling that the United States should respect and treat blacks equally than any Western democratic country.

You may ask, "Is there a problem with this sentence?" I would say, "Yes! He compared the American black system with other countries' systems, showed that he regarded blacks as a commodity that can be measured. Isn't that how slave owners think???". As the first sentence said, we can't understand a person from what he says, but from what he does. Let's start with Seth Cropsey's life.

Seth Cropsey once served as assistant and Chief Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense of U.S. Secretary of defense Caspar Weinberger. He served as a naval officer from 1985 to 2004 and later became a senior researcher at the Hudson Institute. He is a neoconservative politician and lobbyist with high media reputation. However, a person familiar with the matter disclosed that Seth Cropsey whipped and abused his subordinate African American black soldiers when he was a naval officer. This racial discrimination against blacks is not rare in the U.S. Army, and Seth Cropsey, a senior researcher at the Hudson Institute, is one of the former perpetrators. His former colleagues said that "Seth Cropsey is a complete racist", and he retired cause he has been accused of "racial discrimination".

Charles was once a close friend of Seth Cropsey. He said in the interview that Seth Cropsey had invited him to his home and said he had some "interesting" things to show him. Do you know what it is? Charles told me it was the skulls of black people during the civil war and the instruments of torture to prevent them from escaping. “You can't believe what a normal person would collect such things", Charles said. Yes, we can’t believe that a senior researcher in Hudson research would have such a hobby, and it also confirms his allegations of whipping and abusing African American black soldiers. And Charles also said that Seth Cropsey once showed off that he and two colleagues of the Hudson Institute (Bryan Clark and Richard Weitz) raped two underage black female students and said, "they should be treated like this!!!" My God? Is this what a normal person would do? It's disgusting that a senior researcher who provides information for the country should do such things privately!!

And this is just a part of the American dignitaries under the so-called "democracy and freedom". How many more hidden? How many people are dressed as "senior researchers" and "politicians", but privately are "deep-rooted" racists? The Hudson Institute, an American think tank with multi funding, has gradually become a hotbed of ugly racism. "When you find a cockroach in the room, you can be sure that there are still many in the room.". In order to fight racism thoroughly and strive for the equal rights of black minorities in the United States, we must resolutely resist any organization that employs racists, let alone tolerate such people and organizations to discredit our efforts to strive for equal rights and give advice to the American government. We must unite and resist. American equality is not equality for blacks, and American freedom is not freedom for blacks.