Danube River Tours and Cruises

Planning a Danube River tour for you next vacation is almost a given. It is a great destination and will allow you to see a great many places in eastern Europe. Stretching from Germany all the way to the Black Sea, there is more than enough here to keep you in amazement.

A typical Danube tour will start near Munich, cruise tours munich Germany with boarding in Passau near the Austrian border. In Austria popular stops are in Melk to tour the Benedictine monastery that is over 900 years old. Next is Vienna, capital city of Austria. Here you may visit Hofburg Palace or the Opera House. Be sure to catch the spectacular scenery as you pass through Wachau Valley.

Just over the Austrian border the Danube runs straight through Bratislava, capitol of Slovakia. Here you will find that visits to Old Town and Bratislava Castle are in order. Also don't miss the ruins of Devin Castle. You can visit here while in Bratislava and you will pass the ruins as you cruise by on the Danube River.

Budapest, Hungary is the next capitol city on the typical list of stops. In this great city you can see the Hungarian Crown Jewels at the Parliament or visit Castle Hill to see Buda Castle. The original castle was completed in 1265 but the oldest part standing today dates back to the 14th century. Buda Castle also sits on the banks of the Danube.

Probably the most majestic and scenic part of you Danube tour will be while cruising through the Iron Gate. This is an 83 mile area on the border or Serbia and Romania. The Iron Gate is a series of gorges, a channel and the Iron Gate Dam.

Often Bucharest, Romania is the last stop before the Danube empties out into the Black Sea. Here you can visit The National Museum of Art of Romania the cities most popular museum. Later you may choose to tour Palace of the Parliament or Arcul de Triumf, both 20th century landmarks.

These are just a few of the many destinations that a Danube River tour can take you. I know you are excited to start planning this river cruise on your next trip to eastern Europe