A Whiskey Riff Shop in Newport, Ohio

There's nothing quite like a well-crafted whiskey.Laphroaig The taste of aged, handcrafted whiskey is unmatched by any other spirit. While bourbon is king, rye whiskey reigns supreme. But a whiskey riff shop is not limited to the classic variety. Whether you're looking for a single barrel or a small batch bourbon, you'll find it here. And be prepared to spend a small fortune while doing it.


The New Riff Distillery is a new business in Newport, Ohio, which is just across the river from Cincinnati. The company is led by Ken Lewis, who has been involved in the whiskey industry for years. In 2014, Lewis opened the doors to a small distillery and started crafting whiskey and specialty recipes. He wants to make New Riff one of the world's greatest small distilleries, so you can taste his hard work firsthand.
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The spiciness and peppery blast are lingering after the initial hit of this rye whiskey. The finish is not as complex or varied as the nose, but it does retain a youth-like quality. The smooth finish is slightly less intense than the rest of the sip, allowing you to enjoy the subtle nuances of this scotch. Overall, this Rye whiskey delivers an incredibly smooth experience.

The New Riff Rye is a full-bodied whiskey that's relatively inexpensive and is a crowd favorite. While it's not as well-known as bourbon, it doesn't lack in technical characteristics and is therefore priced higher on this list than its counterparts. New Riff Rye is nearly two-thirds of Rittenhouse Rye Bottled in Bond, which is a long-time crowd favorite.

The New Riff Distillery opened in spring 2014. The distillery is located just over the river from Cincinnati. The whiskey is sourced from MGP, a distillery that sources high rye bourbon from local farmers. Lewis created a brand name called O.K.I., which stands for Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana. This brand is unfiltered, bottled in Kentucky, and has been aged for at least four years.
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If you're new to small batch bourbon, you'll probably be interested in trying New Riff's Single Barrel bourbon. This line is crafted with a high rye mash bill (30%), and it's bottled at cask strength without chill filtration. It's a great way to learn more about New Riff's process, and you'll be glad you did when you taste its aged character.

Small batch bourbon is made with carefully selected barrels and recipes. They're also more distinctive than other varieties. The New Riff team has experience working with distilleries and purchasing single barrels. They believe in transparency and don't hide behind a pseudonymous relative. They also use a 60-foot tall copper column still, which has an opulent copper casing.

A recent visit to New Riff Distillery in Newport, Kentucky, revealed that the company isn't just a retail outlet. It's also a distillery, allowing people to learn about bourbon through hands-on classes. While Lewis is a former school teacher, he also founded a retail business in the area called The Party Source in 2005. This store was quickly built into one of the largest liquor stores in the country. It's similar to a high-end grocery store, but it has an emphasis on making its own distillate.

The process for selecting a barrel for a particular bourbon varies from distillery to distillery. Some select three barrels, while others choose just one. Others select them based on general whiskey tastes or the location of the barrel warehouse. Both factors affect the flavor and the proof. At New Riff, you can choose from a wide variety of barrels, but rest assured that each is aged four or more years.
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The new Kentucky Four Year Bourbon is crafted in barrels that are either charred or toasted. It's a full-bodied whiskey that has a savory-spicy interplay, an extra rich amber color, and notes of vanilla and butterscotch. This whiskey is bottled under the strictest quality standard in the world, the 1897 Bottled in Bond Act. While there are some differences between these two barrel-aged versions, they are both outstanding choices.

Buying single barrel Bourbon is a gamble. The price range is high, but you should be able to find a bottle within your budget. Single barrel Bourbon can range from 80 proof to 120 proof, so be sure to choose wisely. Just as a tip, remember that some bottles are aged longer than others, and some are younger than others. Trying single barrel Bourbon is an excellent way to discover the differences between the different brands.

A small batch of bourbon is more expensive than one that comes from a single barrel. The quality of single barrel Bourbon depends on several factors. While the age and mellowing of the whiskey is important, the best single barrels are created from only one barrel. Small batch bourbons are a rare treat. If you're looking for an exceptional drink, try one with a high ABV.
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