Architecture Arts and Sculpture

Architecture art and sculptures are essential to the nature of the human. This topics are necessary in the environment of people, this are the priceless patrimony residential construction of a community, where the people itself is reflected.

Architecture works out spaces, forms in which people develop, it is the art where we can see the nature of the people, the indirect influence experienced in history. A city or a country without a architecture may be a society which has not found its identity. Construction as a utility building is not at all architecture, architecture is defined by the social movements, by the economic reality, by the history, by the region, by the place, climate and by the deep nature of the society.

Art is expression in a whole different sublime language.The colours the textures the detail tells a story in one marked fabric. It reflects directly the stages where the society is going trough.

Sculpture tells about the place the materials, the personal and abstract reality of certain circumstance or object.

Art and sculpture as i told are languages to define certain circumstances under the nature of the society, and here is where they both have to join to make one whole art that is architecture by its own. As it is defined by all the things above, architecture has a social nature and has to find a different language every time depending of the site and society, has to find an art and has to be an sculpture to express realism.


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