The Complete OST to PST Converter, Recover, Extract and Convert

What do you want your OST to PST Converter to do? Convert OST files to PST? Be accurate? Be quick? Convert many files at once? Think of any feature and OST Extractor Pro is your answer. It is the most complete converter you ever had.

OST to PST conversion is a necessary evil in the life of Outlook users. Without converting your OST file into PST you cannot update your work onto the Outlook servers. But the process is not a normal conversion process

Both OST and PST files are both different from each other in context of the data they store. OST contains textual data of the emails whereas PST stores rest of the data like attachments etc. Due to this fact conversion of OST file into PST is a very tricky task.
OST Extractor Pro makes this tricky task simple and straight forward. If you decide to go for the conversion process by yourself, then you may land up in trouble. The process is nearly impossible to perform manually.

You can be stuck with the process for days without even achieving the desired result. That’s why use of a converter is highly recommended. And there is no better than OST Extractor Pro.

The tool is a masterpiece from USL Software. The company succeeded in designing a tool that can do anything related to OST to PST conversion. The tool is a bit unorthodox but effective in execution.

ost to pst conversion on an algorithm that performs exceptionally well in its major task, i.e. conversion. The tool converts each and every type of OST file. It can extract data even from corrupted and damaged OST files.

All of the input file’s data is converted down to the last byte. There is no missing of data or unconverted pieces of data in the output file. All the data is safely and soundly converted into PST file.

Bulk conversion of files is also supported by the tool. This means you can convert a number of files at a given time with a single click of button. Neither speed nor accuracy of the tool is compromised during batch conversion.

The interface makes the conversion process very easy. The interface is such designed that converting files becomes very easy even for first time users. The interface hides all the complexities of the tool.

The user doesn’t even get a feel of how complex the conversion process is. All you have to do is point and click.
Along with these features the tool is also available for both Windows and Mac. This gives you a viable option for both the platforms.

With an active after sales support and a free to download trial, it is a must try. So download your free trial and get started.