Hotel Honey Review

Having seen a dip in the crypto currency since December 2017, the current milieu suggests a different future. Almost a year and a have later, the crypto currency is finally up on its feet and it seems it has a long way to go from now. With bitcoin plunging at as low as $3000, its back at almost $13000 at the time of this writing—A massive gain! While much of the enthusiasts earned their fortune by trading bitcoins as well as altcoins, there are a few that could be termed more tech savvies than others. For these are the ones who delve deep into the cypto currency game and play around and try to earn big the hard way or the arduous way. Buying expensive GPUs, setting up rigs, working around with warehouses to house those rigs and then paying massive electricity bills seems too much of a task that should be to left only to those with nerves of steel or to some platforms that provide crypto mining services at the ease of a single click. Simplistically that means no need to buy GPUs instead get On-demand GPUs, no need to turn your garage into a rig house and no need to pay hefty electricity bills.

While there are many companies that would let you mine bitcoins and altcoins, there are some that stand out and need no introduction. One of such companies is Honeyminer that needs no introduction at all for it has been featured in the likes of Yahoo, TnW, Coindesk and Cheddar to name a few. Although many reviews have been done on Honeyminer, this one is surely meant to stand above all since the Honeyminer has launched their new service named HOTEL HONEY and this is the exclusive review of that service.

Still in its beta stage, the name suggests that it might be a luxurious hotel surrounded in the trees with a bunch of beehives housing viscous and delicious honey. However, that’s not the case but it’s very much possible to have that type of vacation once you make enough fortune using the Hotel Honey service.

If you already own a bunch of GPUs and looking to purchase more, before doing that I would suggest you to go visit Honeyminer Hotel Honey service once for they provide On-demand GPUs that can be integrated with the ones you already have or can be used independently to mine crypto currencies.

To get started, simply go to HoneyMiner and see for yourself what the company has to offer. Once impressed, choose your desired hash rate that ranges from 25MH/s to 2500MH/s and time period. The most exciting part of all this is the pricing. The company offers you dedicated GPUs for as low as $66 for a period of 3 months-now that’s something real competitive! Further, once you have decided your required package, pay using bitcoin, enter your email and welcome to the Hotel Honey club. It’s that simple! No wires, No hardware, No storage space, No Loud noise—bitcoin mining has never been this easy!

Summing it up, it can be said that Hotel Honey is one of the best mining services till date. The company— although pretty young—has raised the standards in the bitcoin mining world and is one of the top service providers as well as pioneers in virtual, digital and crypto mining.


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