Subject: [Time Sensitive] The Ecommerce Goldmine Cart Is OPEN
Subject: [Sellosity] Could This Be The PERFECT Ecommerce Platform?
Subject: [Name], It's Time To Say "NO!" To Shopify's Outrageous Monthly Fees

Hey [Name],

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The doors to Sellosity are now open, and it's time to find out how you can dive right in and start making sales in what's already a $2.3 TRILLION dollar industry right here:

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Sellosity, the brand new platform leading the ecommerce revolution, is completely transforming how people just like you are selling online with:

[+] No more outrageous monthly fees just to host your store, because you'll host it yourself
[+] An end to the additional charges other ecommerce platforms demand for every single new feature they release, because Sellosity includes everything you need right out of the box
[+] All the tools, resources and step-by-step training you need to get off to the very best possible start with your new ecommerce business
[+] A Drag & Drop Store Builder that makes it EASY for you to build a beautiful, fully-functional online store within minutes
[+] Predictive, Real-Time Analytics enables you to see at-a-glance what small changes you can make to increase sales by as much as 73%
[+] SmartMail trigger-based email marketing allows you to drive engagement, recover lost sales and earn up to $84 more per sale

And believe me, that really is just scratching the surface of what this platform can do!

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When someone like you says...

"The biggest challenge I believe Sellosity will solve is how complicated and expensive Shopify is. I've got clients where they're paying $300-400/mo ON TOP of the Shopify monthly fee, just for some simple plugins that seem to be WAY overpriced for what they do. Not to mention, Shopify's servers have gone down or had DDOS attacks recently. With Sellosity, we'll be on our own server/hosting and won't be a big target for those attacks like Shopify is." - Adam Holland

... you know it's going to transform your business and, more importantly, your results.

So, head on over to the link below to get all the details now, and find out how YOU can get your slice of the $2.3 TRILLION dollar ecommerce pie:

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See you inside!

Rob Reece