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End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne

Lease cleaning or vacate cleaning sometimes also known as move out cleaning. The term Lease refers to a property which is rented legally for certain time.

So lease cleaning is done when a person is leaving a rented property and moving out. Cleaning a property after leaving it or moving out does make good impression on everyone as the saying goes “a clean place is a happy place”


If you are vacating a place which was rented previously and want that place to be neat and clean you can contact sparkle cleaning service provider for end of lease cleaning. They provide the best cleaning experience with maximum satisfaction.


As mentioned above lease cleaning is done when a person is moving out from a rented property. Sparkle cleaning service providers not only provide commercial cleaning, gym cleaning but also lease cleaning. Lease cleaning is consists of:

  • Floor cleaning
  • Kitchen clean
  • Dirt cleaning
  • Washroom cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning

Besides they will also clean mirrors, furniture, windows, appliances and each and every corner of a house which was rented. After cleaning it is necessary to check all the places which were cleaned to make sure they have done everything  properly they recheck all the cleaning work if there is any problem they also make sure to fix it.

Lease cleaning is done when a person is leaving the place which was rented to him. A lease cleaner will help you to clean your place at each corner and each area which includes cleaning every object, lights, curtain with high quality of tools that will leave no dirt or untidiness.

Sparkle cleaning service agent will disinfect those area where it needed. Sparkle cleaning service providers ensure their clients for best results. They are one of the most trustworthy companies among their clients. The professionals in sparkle cleaning service providers are highly trained certified.

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