The Stashclub Benefits

Stashclub is an online wholesale marijuana dispensary with a big selection of top quality cannabis products. It was created by Mark Houghton, owner and editor in chief of High Times magazine and popular marijuana blog VivaGlow. He wanted to create a place where people from all over the world could come and purchase legal marijuana. He wanted a safe and convenient way for people to buy their favorite weed products while maintaining a high standard of personal safety.Do you want to learn more? Visit stashclub delivery and packaging

Stashclub is an online wholesale distributor of cannabis, offering many selections of premium cannabis brands including buds, leafy greens, and capsules. They also carry products from Great Canadian Company, including danksters, liquid extracts, and much more. In addition to having a huge selection of premium cannabis products, they also offer free shipping throughout the United States, no exceptions. Stashclub was created to make it easy for those who are seriously considering starting a medical marijuana dispensary online to contact us. They can browse through our online catalog, get a free phone consultation, and send us a list of names and/or email addresses. At that point, they can contact us about the strains and types of cannabis they'd like to purchase.

If you are considering opening or operating a medical cannabis online dispensary, you should definitely contact Stashclub. We are one of the largest online dispensers of edibles and other medical cannabis products, and we have been in business for years, so we are constantly busy. Our expert team will help you determine what strains of weed you should offer your patients.


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Stashclub is an online weed dispensary that enables other online vendors to sell their product on its site. They have a very user friendly interface and allow you to place your order using your credit card. If you wish to use this opportunity, all you need to do is to sign up for a membership in order to access their site. Another unique aspect that makes this business standout from the rest is that it actually has a very strong online social networking presence.

It became popular because of its convenience as well as affordability. People from all over the world can easily buy quality cannabis and other edibles with the help of this online dispensary. In addition, you can chat and discuss various issues pertaining to marijuana, including where you can get highballs or buds. Other than that, many of their other services also include flower delivery, online ordering, and personal shopping as well.

Their website is perfectly designed to make browsing through its wide collection of products simple and hassle free. A unique feature that sets this website apart from the rest is that the suppliers are categorized in different groups, including flower shops, restaurants, pubs, private individuals, online pharmacies, and more. Their goal is to ensure that customers can find the kind of quality merchandise that they need at affordable prices.