The 30-day funnel system at Cryptobizzy is a joy.

In this day of Corona virus anxieties, with

job losses at record numbers and growing

week by week, you need alternate sources of



A good place to start is Ultimate Dailies.


It has automatic purchases and is the

wave of the future.  Leaders continue to

purchase positions daily.  Everybody is cycling.


Here are some of the programs in the

Cryptobizzy funnel system:


1.  Register or be a member of Cryptobizzy.


You can upgrade for a small one-time fee but

whether you are a free or upgraded member,

you really should activate the 30-day funnel system.


2.  You should create a Waves wallet, so

you can receive instant commissions.


A. Getting a Waves wallet.


Click on the exchange icon on top left,

then click on Get Started link on top right.


B.  Get your Waves referral link from the Waves wallet.


Click on the staking link at top of page to

get your waves referral link.


Put your waves address for instant commissions

into Cryptobizzy.


3.  Ivan on Tech Academy


(Joining Is Not A Requirement to Earn Affiliate Commissions)


Do you want to get a high paying job in the tech industry?


4.  Hashing Ad Space.


Traffic source and a way to build asimi tokens.


5.  Cointiply.


Best to click on the Get Started

Guide and select what you want.


6.  Infinity Mailer Boost


Another traffic that reaches active members.


Get started with something.


Any questions, drop me a line or give me a call.


Carl Goodnight

[email protected]

[email protected]


 Ultimate Dailies