Things to Look before Buying Vanilla WoW Gold

Ever wondered how you could get rich in World of Warcraft? Want to have thousands of gold in your account? Well you have three main options. You can either grind hour after hour by collecting average loot until you have a good amount of gold (and end up dying of boredom), use a World of Warcraft gold selling service to buy a bunch of gold (which can be dangerous if you're not careful), or learn how to earn gold quickly and painlessly by reading a Vanilla WoW Gold guide. Since I really don't recommend slowly grinding your way to a few hundred gold since it's a waste of time, I'll tell you about what to look for if you decide to buy gold in World of Warcraft.

Like most MMORPGs (Final Fantasy XI, Dark Age of Camelot), if you can make your character rich in World of Warcraft, you can do a lot of things really easier. If you can figure out a way to make a lot of easy gold in World of Warcraft, you can buy as many epic gears and mounts as you want without even breaking a sweat. But if you want to get this much WOW gold, you're going to either pay in terms of money or in time. If you have some money to spend, you might want to look into services selling cheap World of Warcraft gold.

The 3 most important things to look at when deciding where to buy World of Warcraft gold are:

Delivery Time

The gold selling service should deliver your gold to your WOW mailbox within the hour of your order.


Look around the site to see if they have a rating from a customer service company like


This is the most important factor, since you want the best deal for your money. If the service sells gold for any more then $.01 per 10 gold, don't waste your money. These are just a few tips when it comes to buying cheap World of Warcraft gold, but it's up to you to make the final decision of whether or not you want to buy gold, or take a different route.