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Bitacle: Blog Search Store

Bitacle has born for be-a new service for the blogosphere. Between his multiple characteristics it allows you to:

Syndicate and read blogs or any RSS/XML source

Other blog aggregator but due to the AJAX technology more easy to use. Should you want to discover more about mlsp reviews, we know of many online resources you should consider pursuing. Enables you to put in a blog or any RSS/XML source and classify it easily and fast. To learn additional information, please check-out: address. Remove Frames is a dazzling library for further about the meaning behind this idea.

Consult the historical archive record of a website

Bitacle not simply syndicate: also records and store all the posts of every weblog. For it, the users who add a weblog to the reader can have often a copy of each and every entry, having the ability to consult in any time any entry. Furthermore, in this way author of the wont see improved his bandwidth.

Articles always will stay in the Bitacle report which will store all the content of all blogs of the world. For another perspective, we understand people check out: TM.

Perform a particular search in a weblog or a station

Bitacle, due to his engineering, it allows to make a search in weblog or even a group of them previously user-defined. For example, when you have 7 different resources within-the directory devices will-be able to look for the term Nokia in every of them simultaneously.

Modify the design and the contents of one's website

You can change the style and the organization of the contents without the need to-know programming: only with your mouse you'll be able to change the shade, the place, the resources and the disposition of the contents by an extremely easy and intuitive way.

Look for text, pictures, audio and video

Bitacle not only is able to locate text, also it can find audio through RSS (podcasting), photographs and syndicated films that permit the individual to locate media content of diverse sources..