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Seeking Bankruptcy Attorneys

I was never so surprised when I discovered the power of Craigs List. Beneath the LEGAL JOBS group of Columbus, Ohio I submitted the following:


Qualified Paralegal and Bankruptcy Specialist is seeking to form alliances with one or more bankruptcy lawyers who enjoy working on the debtor side of bankruptcy law. I have 3-1 years experience in the appropriate field (1977) and have personally created several bankruptcy procedures from-the ground up for attorneys out-of state.

Being in the Columbus, Ohio region, I would prefer to work side-by-side with one or more attorneys in building a very lucrative person bankruptcy practice. I have all the skills and marketing knowledge, I only need the attorney.

Contact Victoria Ring personally at 614-875-4496


More than $500 each hour

Less than 24 hours after posting this announcement (which didn't charge one penny) to me, I received a call from an attorney on my cell-phone. I called and left him a message but he did not call me right back. About three days later I received another call from a Columbus, Ohio lawyer but h-e also didn't get back my call sometimes. During the time I believed that Craigs List was not planning to produce any results. But it didn't matter since I'd no money invested anyway.

Nevertheless, seven days later I received a call from an attorney who was so worked up about conversing with me he asked if I could be at his office within an time. I explained that I would not have time for you to wear office attire and h-e said, 'I do not care. Can be found in your bath robe. I have to talk to you immediately.' So I dropped everything I was doing and drove to his office. (I'd o-n my blue jeans of course.)

When I got there I met a really kind and thoughtful young attorney who had never worked in bankruptcy law before. I thought to myself, 'This is going to take the time because I'll have to educate the attorney plus build him an exercise.' But in just a couple of minutes I then found out it was not going to be the case at all. Be taught further on this affiliated paper - Click here: the internet. As an alternative, I had stumbled into a gold-mine.

After being placed in the young attorney's office and after two or three minutes of 'chit-chat' in walked legal counsel in my age group (50-60 range,) He had worked in debtor bankruptcy for 25 years and we both knew lots of the same people. The experienced attorney said h-e was tired of working in bankruptcy and wished to setup the young attorney in his own practice. He said he was receiving 10-15 recommendations (new bankruptcy filings) everyday since the world of bankruptcy gets prepared to boom. I agreed with him.

Inside Scoop for Virtual Assistants: Due to the increasing number of foreclosures in addition to the increase in fuel prices, huge numbers of people are moving from their homes. They're going both due to a foreclosure or even to be closer to work and reduce their energy use. But, people generally go throughout the summertime (May, June, July and August) when their children are out-of college. Therefore this summer (2008) must be a record year for bankruptcy filings as a result of foreclosures and increasing costs that force people in to bankruptcy. Therefore, ensure you have the skills and knowledge to offer the much needed services of preparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions. I can not stress enough how rare this ability is. In case you hate to get supplementary information on photographer near me, there are many databases you should consider pursuing. And the more you work in the bankruptcy field, the more you'll realize this fact.

Obviously, I got the task. I now work nearly for a young attorney in the Columbus, Ohio area. Because I can get more detailed information about an instance when I'm sitting face to face with the clients I decided to do my own client in-take interviews. I even have been offered 50-60 bankruptcy applications per month - about $15,000 and the amount can quickly grow. This may permit me to hire people and provide jobs to people who truly need it.

In addition, the solicitors were both so happy about finding somebody with my skills they asked me to work for them completely. I said, 'If you're able to keep me occupied and at this degree of income, I'll perhaps not seek work from still another attorney in the Columbus, Ohio area. But, I will still travel and set up attorneys within their bankruptcy training because I enjoy doing this.' They found no issue with this arrangement.

Now tell me - who do you know who exists buying job that could walk into a lawyers office and within 30 minutes receive: (1) A job paying a minimum wage of $180,000 per year; (2) An office of their own to conduct customer interviews; (3) The ability to function from home; (4) The ability to name their own terms? Few people. Nevertheless YOU may do the same thing that I did. I-t may just take some practice and you may produce a few errors along the way, but I assure you - the RELEVANT SKILLS you've planning Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 petitions is in high-demand. I found out about here's the site by searching Yahoo. I'm living evidence of it.

I desire you to go to, sign up for a merchant account and start placing free ads towards the legal categories within your city and state, surrounding parts, or states and even other city 3,000 miles from you. It generally does not matter where you stay or where the attorney's office is situated. Your skills are in high demand and if you believe that with your entire heart, you can and will succeed.. Dig up more on columbus ohio newborn photography by browsing our prodound article directory.