The Journaling of Silver 356

Google Assassin IS really a Fraud

Day Job Killers writer Chris McNeeny, kills himself by starting ditches mud and this ridiculous DJK Assassin to his name!

To begin with, the subject wasnt also there to attract your attention just to show you an honest report and recommending Google Assassin ultimately, because I hate it.

To begin with, Google Assassin is not even an original product. Google murderer is just a re - release of the affiliate - den that's already been out for a time. And I dont even think it was his or her own solution. It was officially owned by Andrew Fox and its an item of Andrews CB Affiliate Formula. Its completely not a new product and not up-to-date instruments either.

Im perhaps not against 'Black-hat' marketing so long as its moral and legal. I personally own Chriss past upstanding products like Adwords Miracle, Affiliate Project X, and Day Job Killer. All these items contained few unique marketing ideas and techniques, and they are definitely worth its price. Just after reading Day work monster ( DJK ), that I realized that its possible to genuinely make decent money with all the mixture of the Amazon affiliate program and PPC.

DJK Assassin is good-for-nothing, useless, BS - CRAP. In the event people require to get further on compare wealthy affiliate review, there are millions of on-line databases you might consider investigating. And Chris, who was considered a master marketer after Adwords Miracle, is now a mumbo-jumbo scammer! And this is each time a marketer fully gets obsessed with money, what exactly happens.

In his sales letter, Chris teaches you his $169K payday. Now listen to me carefully... He hasnt made that a lot of money by selling associated products. H-e made the amount of money by attempting to sell his or her own product 'Day Job Killer! '

To the sales letter, it offered to 'auto create sites in 2 minutes .' I didnt find one piece of computer software that automatically produced any kind of website or landing site. It also said you receive the 'DJK Blueprint Series .'.. I then understand that I've to pay still another $47 a month to obtain the DJK Blueprint line which was already offered to the sales letter, effectively after I paid my $67 a month payment.

Now I would like to reach the main issue. What is this Google Assassin?

Essentially, you are getting membership to a site called AffilitesDen. com ( Later I heard that this membership site is a part of Andrew Foxs CB Affiliate Formula - but Im not sure ) This site contains some useful information about researching the market and making PPC strategies. It also includes a funny device called 'Adwords Ad Generator. ' To check this resources efficiency, I entered 'Xbox 'within the area to have an advertising tip. I got subsequent effect!

Loooking for xbox?

' X-box Exposed '


X-box Scam?


Whoa! Thats interesting - if you opt for these suggestions; you are fully guaranteed to lose anything in PPC discharge!

Okay, now allow me to discuss other tools. Basically, youll get four Desktop softwares;

The Daddy

Adwords Micro Nicher

The Campaigner

And Article spotter.

Don't use these instruments even although you obtain it for free!

Well, it took couple to me of weeks to really understand what these methods are likely to accomplish and how they work!

To shorten the length of this review Im providing very short facts for these methods.

Tool 1 - The Daddy Key-words Extractor ( or Daddy ):

This device can help you to locate highly profitable keywords for almost any given niche ( keyword ). It functions by finding research volume and variety of advertisers; Furthermore, give you review of successful keywords. To research additional info, consider checking out: wealthy affiliate business. With this device you can also discover most targeted adwords advertising for your given keyword - to ensure that you can copy it!

Generally this tools causes junk effects. For instance if I search 'charge cards 'I get effect for 'weight loss supplements 'etc!

Tool 2 - Adwords Micro Nicher:

This is advantageous to adwords content community targeting. This tool will assist you to find 'information pages 'for just about any keywords in organic search results, which also includes notable Adsense ads. Clicking internet marketing certainly provides cautions you might tell your father. You pay way less when you target content pages because the compared research net-works. While this concept sounds good, the software has a lot of bugs. I believe manual research provides you with more successful results.

Device 3 - Campaign Kidnap Tool ( The Campaigner )

This is actually the hot instrument of the year 2007. Currently there's close to several tools associated with 'Competition criminal. ' The Campaign Kidnap permits you to find the competition ads and keywords due to their Google Adwords strategies. You may also see which adverts are running with which key-words. This allows you to either 'swipe 'the plan with very few changes - or you can use it for competitive intelligence.

The downside of the device is clearly, you cant figure out if the campaign is actually worthwhile. We dont know if the plan is running profitably for all days. To check if its a profitable strategy you have to save todays effect and check right back after 2 - 3 days; if its still running you can believe that its profitable.

Tool 4 - Article Spotter

The Article Spotter instrument uses like a backdoor research strategy other parents article advertising efforts to help you will find winning keywords to target.

Well, I will only discover that out by searching my keyword in Google also. Requires 10 seconds to-do it personally free OF CHARGE. Discover more about wealthy affiliate reviews by browsing our poetic essay. I havent found any value in this tool... Therefore lets just forget about it.

Thats the tale about Google Assassin. I also got a bonus course for making and marketing HOT data products and services. Thats a good course... Frank certainly knows how to make BLAZING industry and product with hyped sales letter and so!

Total, IMO, its maybe not worth $67 per month. There are lots of tools that do the SAME actual point for FREE. Not only that, but in my opinion its shady to offer something to the sales letter, and not offer it... Merely another over hyped rehashed item. Spyfu. Net is a superb FREE device that does over affiliateden by itself.

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