How to check the prize bond list?

The concept of prize bonds has gained an immense amount of popularity, love, and praise from the citizens of Pakistan. Do you know that they like to invest their money while buying these bonds and many people get lucky in winning the prize amounts!


On this page, you will have details on the prize bond result. There are many people out there who get the bonds, invest their money in these schemes but fail to get in touch with the platform that offers reliable result updates. You do not have to worry now because we have arrived with genuine and error-free updates.


Features of prize bond


If you are interested in getting the prize bond, keep in mind that they are available in various denominations. The winning amount is given to the single winner. The second winning amount is given to a total of three winners. If you want to get the premium prize bond, its profit rate has been declared up to 1.79% on a bi-annual basis. In addition, these premium prize bonds are available in the denominations of Rs 25000 value and Rs 40,000 value.


You have to submit your CNIC and other important details to register for these bonds. You will get the Quarterly Prize Money amount, or you can even get the Bi-annual Profit Payment; the choice is up to you. Moreover, these bonds can only be purchased by Pakistani citizens and overseas. For more details on the prize bond list, keep tuned.


Who can buy prize bonds?


To become eligible while investing in these bonds, you have to be an adult individual. If you are an overseas Pakistani, you can also have these schemes. If you win the cash amount of bond, you have no form to be further filled out. You can directly claim that winning amount and also the profit amount.


The highest prize amount is Rs 30 000 000 for Rs 25,000 bond. And for a Rs 40,000 bond, you will get the highest winning cash amount of Rs 80 000,000. When investing in these schemes, you can make a total investment. Unlimited tenure time is offered.


The winning amounts have to pay the withholding tax, and it is different for the filers and non-filers. Rest; to have updates on the prize bond list, you can connect with us on this page.


Check the prize bond result. 


The details on the prize bond list are mentioned on this page. You can even get the result updates from here. We have often seen that winning the prize bond has always brought financial security and independence among the winners.


You can also become a part of this scheme. Take out the savings and try capitalizing in theguess paper bonds category. We will regularly post the information on the bond result section on this page, so keep tuned and in touch with us.



We think that with the help of the above-written information on the prize bond result, all of your queries will be solved. If your friend or colleague is looking for similar details, you can share these details with them. The market of Pakistan who has invested its money in bonds is getting huge.


 People prefer to keep their money in bonds because they believe it is the safest investment source. And the government of Pakistan also gives them the facility to encash these certificates whenever they want to! So, the right time and moment have come to try out the concept of bonds. Get the lottery tickets and see whether you win or not.