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****ATTENTION!**** Just something I wanted to share with you all, My name is Mark, I have decided to embark on the nomadic life style when the 2'1/2 acre trailer park I managed was sold back in 2015. Ive been doing #Vanlife ever since and absolutletly love it. I wanted to announce the blog here on this page also that I have have put together to help those 'IF' they should so choose to embark on this Awesome way of a 'nomadic life style.' You will find great links thoughout the blog in reference to ..... Communities of  #Vanlife - #RVLife and  #Minimalistlife  ✌  Links leading to many topics of living in a van stuff on youtube and facebook, a really cool link that lets your design your camper van layout before you even build it and even save it, links to Solar cooking, DIY type survival situation stoves and heaters, links leading to Free camping sources throughout the USA, link to a site that takes a fun, informal approach to help readers discover great things to do in each of the 50 states, links to mail forwarding services, links to how to make money on the road, link to a van and RV accessories parts and products, links to online advertising if you need to get the word out about your business products and services, links to products, businesses and services I like to promote that can even help you to earn.(just look for the 'become an affiliate links') wink A #1 link to land & rural retreats, just enter a city,county or state to search, you can even add a listing and advertise your land for sale here, a link to a  13,235-Mile Road Trip for 70-Degree Weather Every Day 😎 😎  Below will be the link to my blog and some "Words Of Wisdom" I've come across and want to share! Please share the blog link with any friends and family that may be looking to embark on this awesome nomadic way of lifestyle .... Thanks! 

#Vanlife - Materialist values have a hard time lining up with this lifestyle.

Materialist values have a hard time lining up with this lifestyle. It's not easy to find others who are for lack of a better word "woke" to the realities of our society and comfortable living a life of meaning on their own terms sometimes outside the expectations of society. ✔

People who live simply tend to be kinder.

People in tune with creation because they don't have the drama of over consumption and commercialism.

I would absolutely love to meet a girl that lives in a van or RV so we could travel together and also have our own separate spaces if we need that.  I feel it’s better building a relationship that way because it’s good to get to know someone and just take it step-by-step.

It’s really too bad the government has brainwashed humans to think it’s not OK to lay naked in a sunflower field and do nothing for three weeks at a time and make you feel bad about it. If you change your view and realize were all born into this institutionalized fuck fest and we’re all just trying to break out of the monotony. It’s OK to park your van in the middle of nowhere accomplish nothing or accomplish something or accomplish everything it’s totally OK to go to the woods and sit in nature for weeks. Sometimes you just gotta eat or smoke some psychedelics and lay in a field. ~ Matty Ivy member of  #Vanlife

☟ ☟ ☟ Here is the link to the blog I've put together for all to learn from & share  ═☞

Handy Vanner sharing Vanlife & More

✌️ Enjoy Life Always!  ~ #Vanlife ~ #RVlife ~ #keepitsimple ~ #Minimalistlife  ✔ ✌ ❤

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