Management Consultancy Company

Kunooz for Financial and Economic Consultancy is a company licensed by the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi and based in the United Arab Emirates, aims to create a modern business environment based on sound foundations for business management and investment of available resources in the best way.

Kunooz is always aspiring to be a leader in the field of services it provides, and works in full dedication to serving its clients in order to be one of the best companies Feasibility Study in the field of financial and economic consulting, which ensure it provides its customers with advanced, practical and applicable solutions, and to be the strategic partner for investors who are looking for quality and honesty together.

Kunooz provides advisory services to all categories of the business sector in terms of management, financial and economic aspects, and prepares economic feasibility studies for small and large projects in various sectors. The company also performs the service of designing, preparing, analyzing, auditing, and reshaping various types of financial models for many types of deals in various sectors, it also performs full valuation consulting services for different companies of different sizes, it also provides accounting consultancy and prepares and designs accounting procedures for all projects and companies.


Our vision:

To be one of the leading institutions in providing financial and economic consulting services efficiently, honestly, professionally, and effectively.


Our mission:

To support the process of economic development and improve the investment environment in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East by providing the best consulting services giving according to the best international standards in an excellent way that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Services provided:

Kunooz for Financial and Economic Consultancy specializes in conducting economic feasibility studies, in addition to providing a range of other financial, economic, investment, accounting, and other diverse services.


The services provided can be summarized as follows:

  • Preparation of detailed economic feasibility studies.
  • Preparation of market research studies.
  • Preparation of project studies for financing from government finance funds.
  • Studies submitted to ministries, economic institutions, and government and private agencies.
  • Industrial studies including the supply process, installation and operation of production lines for industrial projects.
  • Studies of real estate development projects.
  • Studies of hotels, universities, schools, and hospitals.
  • Studies of agricultural projects, animal production and food security.
  • Studies of various service projects.
  • Training, discussion and explanation of studies for project owners.
  • Strategic business plans and risk management.
  • Valuation of existing companies by various methods.
  • Financial restructuring studies for various reasons.
  • Financial analysis of mergers and acquisitions deals
  • Conducting various financial examinations and due diligence.
  • Design complex financial models for various projects and companies.
  • Advanced financial modeling training.
  • Management of financial accounting process for companies and projects.
  • Restructuring the accounting and financial system.
  • Tabulation, posting and closing all accounting entries.
  • Design and issuance of corporate financial reports.
  • Establishing the estimated capital and operating budgets.
  • Analysis and diagnosis of key performance indicators.