The cheapest country for surrogacy


In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate carries the intended parents' baby. That is caused by the intended mother's inability to fertilize or have the child securely.

For childless couples, gestational surrogacy may occasionally be a miracle and their sole option for becoming parents. Due to the high expense of surrogacy in their country, knowing and selecting the least expensive countries for surrogacy is their goal.

Finding the cheapest country for surrogacy is complex, but fortunately, a fantastic option is available.

IRAN is an ideal and the cheapest destination for surrogacy, and through such a complicated journey, you need a very supportive and professional agency.

TebMedTourism company, as an international facilitator, has a strong background in medical, cosmetic and infertility treatment. Measures that have been considered to reach such a unique position among facilitators by TebMedTourism are including:

Employing experts in the tourism industry, utilizing the best lawyers, cooperating with more than 40 internationally certified hospitals, 140 selected local hospitals, 300 specialized medical centers, 430 doctors, 112 hotels, and international airlines all over IRAN

Building families with love is our desire, and to fulfill this wish, we provide excellent services to all dear medical travelers worldwide.




Why the costs of surrogacy are so expensive?

 The price of surrogacy depends on some variables, including the intended parents' location, type, and anticipated demands.

The first consideration is the nation where the surrogacy procedure is performed.

This determines the surrogate mother's pay and the surrogacy process's medical procedure charge. For instance, a surrogate in Georgia and Ukraine is paid half as much as in the United States. However, when we consider the relative cost of living in each nation, we can observe that surrogate mother compensation is on par.

The second factor is how much healthcare costs are in the nation where surrogacy is being done. Despite being frequently hailed as the most excellent surrogacy clinics in the world, American facilities charge excessive fees.


The cheapest country for surrogacy


The cost of surrogacy in the USA is $150,000 to $220,000, which is considered a high cost for many couples. In Canada, this cost is $100,000 to $120,000.

Surrogacy in the UK is considered a legal process that costs between $70,000 to $100,000. In some countries, the surrogacy process is legally prohibited. Spain is one of the countries that outlaw surrogacy and makes patients travel to other countries to pursue treatment. The average cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is approximately between $ 44,000 to $60,000. It includes all the legal and medical expenses and the surrogate's compensation. A complete surrogacy plan in Georgia is nearly $55,000 to $60,000

India was one of Asia's most famous and common destinations for surrogacy from 2000 to 2018. Since December 2018, surrogacy laws in India have banned this procedure for foreign parents, and now it is only available for local residents. Turkey has also stopped providing surrogacy services in the last few years. Surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, and embryo donation are all illegal procedures in Turkey. The previous costs before prohibition were between $ 15000 to $ 20000, which were higher than the same procedure in Iran.

Surrogacy in Iran is legal according to the laws, and it is one of the most affordable and suitable countries in terms of prices and provided services. Surrogacy can be performed only at the cost of $16,000, which makes Iran the most affordable country for surrogacy. With its specialized physicians, well-equipped fertility centers, best-quality services and low medical expenses, Iran is one of the best medical tourism destinations for international surrogacy.

Why is Iran the best destination for surrogacy?

The following features have made Iran the best destination for surrogacy:

  • Iran has definite and defined surrogacy legislation.
  • Reputable surrogate mother and egg donor databases.
  • Medical care is generally reasonable.
  • Hospitable people.
  • The most affordable surrogate mothers in good health.


Additional advantages of surrogacy in Iran


The best Matching services

TebMedTourism, as an Iranian agency with full responsibility, will help the intended parents find a surrogate. Matching services include background checks, medical tests, screening, and house assessments of a surrogate mother.

Our specialists will help the intended parents find the most suitable surrogate based on what they want and want.

Supportive Consultancy 

Many people try to decrease the expense of counseling, education, and assistance to get cheaper or less expensive surrogacy, but it is not intellectual. The surrogacy procedure is complicated and challenging for both sides, the intended parents and the surrogate mother.

In this section, surrogacy agencies play a vital role. Agency counselors provide guidance and assist in clarifying and exploring roles, expectations, and potential outcomes for all surrogate parties involved.

Affordable Fees for Surrogacy Agencies

Every agency has a different agency charge. Your agency manages your surrogacy journey from the beginning to the point where the legal processes are completed and you return home with your baby.

Agencies will support the parties during the procedure; whenever a conflict arises, they can solve it. They coordinate all the people involved in the process. Surrogacy can be a complicated process, so the intended parents need the support of a professional agency to guide them into the best and safest path and provide them with their needed services.

Trustworthy legal services

Legal services are one of the inseparable needs of the surrogacy process. The surrogate and the intended parents will require separate legal representation during contracts so that both parties are equally supported. TebMedTourism experts know all the legal steps of the surrogacy procedure and help you have your baby without legal difficulties.

Since the intended parents should experience the IVF interacted journey, and the surrogate mother should be emotionally under support and counseling, more than anything else, the agencies' crucial role will become clear.

Why TebMedTourism

TebMedTourism Company is a facilitator in the medical tourism industry.

This agency made its professional activity debut in 2016 in healthcare and tourism.

One of the essential features that distinguish us from other healthcare tourism companies is the wide range of our communications.

The golden medical and cosmetic package turns us into the number-one medical tourism company in IRAN. Also, we are very experienced and specialized in infertility treatments. Our company offers the best and most affordable infertility treatment packages suitable for any budget.

In TebMedTourism, the cost of surrogacy covers the surrogate's compensation, surrogacy agency fee, IVF, medical check-up, blood test, STD screening, fertility tests including hormone screening and ultrasound exams, psychological evaluation, and legal background check.


Trusting TebMedTourism for successful surrogacy treatments, IVF, egg donation, plastic surgery, hair transplant, and experiencing other reproductive journeys will undoubtedly change your future and turn your family into a joyful and highly healthy one.