Non-ferrous steel grains industry prospects

Metallic aluminum powder level is the main species of material dust coating. Metallic aluminum dust layer in accordance with appearance of the coating is separate in to level metallic level, steel layer powder finish; movie grain-like structure, hammer and material gloss consistency dust coating. What can be used for metal metal powder finish film-forming materials are epoxy,Guest Placing cotton epoxy, cotton, polyurethane and acrylic resin, with the key types of domestic cotton resin, epoxy and polyester.

Low leafing aluminum dust coatings stated in the layer picture following curing standard circulation of metallic aluminum powder layer creates reflections of light flash effect. steel finish powder coating, manganese powder powder coating is put into the conclusion of the hanging steel dust produced metal powder coating, covering picture following recovering, coating fully covers the metal floor of the aluminum powder similar to "plating or refined metal "The look of the covering the structure of metal powder. RED BOOST

Coating, dust covering is included with the end of the metal dust and aluminum powder pattern finish agents made, healed paint film, because the structure of the top anxiety representative, the formation of metallic aluminum in the looks of the layer Silver powder pattern. steel hammer powder level, dust covering is put into the end of the metal dust, metal powder and claw powder layer brokers made, healed color movie to make gold hammer. metallic texture powder coating.

Powder level is put into the finish of the material powder, aluminum powder and consistency agents (sand wheat agent or wrinkle agent production dust level, film finish after treating, metal and consistency because the role of brokers the synthesis of metallic structure covering appearance. The key metallic metal dust covering powder finish manufacturing techniques and manufacturing techniques usually related, including: pre-mixed raw components'melt extrusion mixed' Cooling and crushing Great powder Classification assessment Finished.