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That activity tests learners' information on how best to grow a few ideas through the keeping phrases into grammatically recognized positions or orders. It more supports one's previous familiarity with the areas of presentation primary their ability to analyze the distinctions between function and content phrases in statements. It provides learners' chances to guide their responses centered from the features of the language in completing sentences and offers just how to identify or label words that prepare phrases as fundamentals to syntax knowledge.

Replace the original preposition into still another to alter the title's meanings. State the games in various forms. Use other styles of prepositions to include prepositional phrases. Brainstorm meanings on important words which are contained in the title to be used in words and to introduce hidden wiki with distinctions through their tabulated functions. It is recommended that different types of prepositions are tabulated showing different functions for quick comprehension. British's passage to India, British's way to India, England's passing to India, English visit to India, English come back to India, how you can India, the path to India

A verse in India, a passage for India, a verse across India, and a passage next to India, the trail between India and England, and a connection between England and India Students investigate vocabularies by changing the significant words. Apart from that, different prepositions that type prepositional words are integrated to supply different meanings. It demonstrates that this type of phrase may be altered to accomplish statements in the normal or inverted types when stuck in sentences, and the attainment of varied prepositions with various functions.

The initial answers from the initial training give more kinds of terms which can result in the system of gerund, participial, and infinitive phrases. Like, breaking passing to India by the British, colonized passing to India, damaged passage to India, to corner the street to India, finding back again to India, recalling days gone by by going to India, emancipating a verse to India, appealing passing to India, wonderful British's passage to India, British-established passing to India, delightful passage to India, and linking the British to India from Britain.