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National Wealth Center - Introduction

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This Video is from 2016, the Reason I haven't

updated it, there are Newer Ones, is because.. 

this one is Straight From the CEO! in His Words!

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The Speaker is a Multi- Millionaire !...

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Questions to Watch For :

Note there are Little HINTS for the Correct Answer.

1)  Who is the Founder of National Wealth Center ? and What Happens if He 'Goes-Down' ?
a. ____________________ b. ____________________


2)  NWC recommends working in Groups of [How Many People]? and [Why]?
a. ____________________ b. ____________________


Bonus #1: Do we Baby-sit these people?.. __  (Hint, it's the shorter answer :)


3)  Is NWC a 'Ponsi-Scheme' ?.. Why? / or Why-Not? .. (Hint, Shorter Answer :)

a. ___ b. ____________________


4)  (Circle) True or False:  New Members "Break-Even" on their 1st-SALE !..


5)  (Circle) True or False:  It is a Good-Idea to put Your -- Daily Business Plans  -- in Writing !

Commit to YOUR Prospects, and Train-Others to - Do the Same!..  

Day-by-Day and Consistantly ..

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