Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol (100 Proof Alcohol) is A Top-notch Solvent for Herbal Oil

Do you require a top-notch solvent for oil extraction processes, for medicinal or recreational oil making tincture?

If yes, then you from this page you can learn what this alcohol is?

Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol

Sugar can be used to create juice and, more recently, ethanol. Sugarcane juice that has been fermented yields cane alcohol. The final product has an unremarkable flavour and aroma. That solvent can be further distilled by the processors and used as a component in a variety of processes.


Organic Sugar Cane Alcohol will work well in both commercial and domestic settings. Therefore, you shouldn't be concerned about potency; just the alcohol content matters. Thus, this solvent serves as a universal addition in the production of gasoline, sanitizers, cosmetics, beverages, etc.


100 proof alcohol is an excellent solvent to make tincture. If you employ cane alcohol for your extraction processes, your plant material will yield a sizable, high-quality yield. Because sugarcane ethanol is a polar solvent, this benefit is achievable. So you can add dried plant biomass to this liquid, sift the result, and benefit from the therapeutic properties of your tincture.

Some businesses produce Cannabidiol (CBD) tinctures for little cost by using cane alcohol. Additionally organic and eco-friendly, this solvent aids in the production of a high-quality product for processors. Customers thereby reap the full medical advantages of cannabinoids, terpenes, and alkaloids.

Alcohol-based herbal extracts of Extractohol is produced by using 100% organic (non-GMO) cane alcohol. Dilute 100 Proof Alcohol with distilled water to produce a safe, efficient 100 proof organic cane solution, which allows extracting all of the necessary phytochemicals from the plant.

If you take tinctures frequently, mix them with water, juice, or tea to decrease the direct contact of the tongue and throat with such strong alcohol.

Extractohol offers you Organic Sugar cane alcohol which is more environment friendly than corn-based alcohol.