Medicinal Properties of Rick Simpson Oil and How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

A cannabis concentrate with extraordinarily high THC content is called Rick Simpson Oil, commonly referred to as THC concentrate. The oil, which has the name of the guy Rick Simpson who made it famous, is frequently promoted as a cancer therapy, a painkiller, and even as a miraculous cure on internet forums. Even while the data supporting such assertions, particularly with relation to cancer, is at best anecdotal, they still remain a topic of enormous curiosity. Nonetheless, it needs a sizable quantity of cannabis and meticulous handling.

Simpson started mass manufacturing the oil and giving it out for free to thousands of patients. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police searched his farm in 2009 and seized hundreds of cannabis plants.

How to make Rick Simpson Oil

Making a tincture is comparable to the extraction process in that it is intricate and takes some time. Because to the large amount of plant materials, it usually has a near-black hue and, frankly, has a poor flavour (it uses the whole plant).

Fill your tall Mason jar with the ground marijuana. Once you've put all of your marijuana in the Mason jar. Add just enough Ever clear to cover all of your cannabis (make sure it has been frozen for 45 minutes). To start the extraction process immediately away, mix and crush your cannabis using a big spoon or butter knife.

There are numerous debates about how to make Rick Simpson Oil. There are numerous straightforward procedures for making RSO available online.

Rick Simpson Oil: Applications

RSO was developed as a medical treatment for asthma, MS, and other chronic illnesses including cancer. Although though Rick Simpson no longer makes the oil, it is nevertheless a vital component of many patients' therapy regimens across North America.

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