Get Adequate Results - Rick Simpson Oil Its Natures & Its Dosage Instructions

It is a type of oil extracted from specific cannabis plants with a high amount of CBD and THC. It was an accidental invention by Rick Simpson. He used Cannabis plant extraction to treat himself. Later on, he specializes in his cannabis form and concentrates it, and today it’s popularly known as Rick Simpson Oil. 

This oil is also used to treat cancer, and nowadays, many doctors prescribe to use them. But before using this product, you need to have the complete dosage information to get adequate results. 

Dosage Instruction of this Oil

An average person usually takes 90-100 days to consume the total amount of 60 grams or 60 ml of oil. According to specialist suggestion, start with a minimum of 3 doses per day. It should be taken after 8 hours per day. Start having the first dose of it in the morning, the 2nd dose in the afternoon, and finally the last dose in the night just a half an hour before bedtime.

The patient should keep in mind that this dose doesn’t produce an immediate effect. The effect of the oil can only be felled after half an hour of ingesting it. 

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