Everclear and Its Uses

Everclear 190 Proof is a rectified spirit product brand name. It is one of the several products of Luxco, an American company. Its main constituents are neutral spirit and grain alcohol. It is made from pure grain alcohol which is bottled at concentrations that vary from 60% to 95%.

About the Product

If you are wondering what the uses of Everclear 190 Proof isit acts as an intermediate material for other finished products. Indeed, due to the high content of alcohol in it, it should not be used for direct consumption. The manufacturer also discourages the use of the product in undiluted form. Indeed, the company also admitted that, since its launch, the product had obtained a notorious reputation. Hence, words of caution are mentioned on the product label. Due to the high concentration of pure grain alcohol it needs to be diluted with water. Other ingredients can also be added to it. Then only it can be used as a drink for consumption.

Its Different Uses

Since it is a rectified spirit with high alcohol concentration, the company does advise that it should not be consumed directly. If it is used for consumption, it should be mixed with water and other ingredients. This should be done to an extent of ensuring that its alcohol concentration is around 40%. That would make it equivalent to other products in the market such as rum, tequila, vodka, gin, and others.

Everclear also finds uses as a food-grade cleaning substance. It can be used for cleaning household items or disinfecting the same. Its odors and fumes are less offensive as compared to denatured alcohol, rubbing alcohol, or isopropyl. These are usually toxic for drinking or for breathing.

This product has other uses as well, in beverages and wellness products manufacturing. For instance, it is useful to extract flavors from different ingredients. This helps in making infusions. In the pharmaceuticals and wellness sectors, tinctures are also produced with this as one of the ingredients. That is also because it has a neutral flavor.