Everclear 190 Proof Alcohol is Used to Add That Missing Kick for the Juices and Soft Drinks!

Proof system is used to determine the percentage of alcohol in the alcoholic beverages and other beverages. This was first started in UK but now they follow ABV system or alcohol by volume method to determine the same. In US, the proof alcohol system is still followed to determine the alcohol presence or percentage in the beverages. This also decides the type, purity and efficiency of the alcohol. If you are looking for the pure grain alcohol, then you are at the right place.

Extractohol has announced the 190 proof alcohol that is also a pure grain alcohol and also called as the food-grade alcohol. This type of alcohol cannot be consumed directly but it can be surely used to produce a wide range of essential oils, herbal oils, herbal extracts, tinctures, culinary extracts, etc.

Everclear 190 proof is a kind of brand name that is assigned for a rectified spirit which is produced by Luxco and this is a US based company. This type of alcohol is produced while using the grain. Due to this reason, it is also a kind of pure grain alcohol and bottled by different volume of alcohol. This type of product carries a higher level of alcohol content. Due to this reason, it has become very popular in the market as well as among different popular cultures. Due to its high alcohol percentage, it is also used for cooking so that the original flavors of the food items can be extracted easily. In order to add that kick for the juices and soft drinks, the Everclear 190 proof is also used. This type 190 proof alcohol is used to make the vodka based cocktails and rums as well.

Most of the time, we use to think that alcohol can only be used to make the alcoholic beverages. But we really don’t know that to make the herbal extracts, herbal oils and essential oils, the pure grain alcohol is used. This type of alcohol is very pure and comes with a higher efficiency level. Due to this reason, when you pour it on the herbs to make the herbal extracts and herbal oils, it leaves very less residues. This is how it makes the highest extraction possible. This also shows zero displacement when used for the extraction of herbal oils, tinctures and essential oils. Pure grain alcohol is in good demand these days.

Everclear 190 proof alcohol is also used for several other purposes. It is a good sterilizing and sanitizing agent. Due to this reason, to sterilize the medical and scientific equipments and tools this 190 proof alcohol is used. It is also used to sanitize and sterilize the surfaces at the medicals and scientific research units so that further works and tests can be done under a perfect setting. Maximum extraction is needed when you are making tinctures, culinary extracts and herbal extracts. A complete extraction power is provided by the Everclear 190 proof alcohol when these works are done. This pure grain alcohol has a good demand in the market these days.