Pure Grain Alcohol is Very Pure and Having High Efficiency Level!

When the alcohol is in its pure form, you cannot drink it directly. It needs to be diluted with other ingredients so that it can become drinkable. This is how the alcoholic beverages are made. And we think that alcohol is only used for this purpose. But the reality is something very different. It’s the pure grain alcohol that is used for a wide range of purposes and it's in good demand these days. For the making of herbal oils and essential oils, this type of proof alcohol is used. If you are looking for the Everclear 190 proof alcohol, then you are at the right place!

So before this, you should know a few things related to Everclear. This is actually a rectified spirit that is manufactured by Luxco. This brand name of Everclear is assigned for the rectified spirit and it is made from grain extracts. This type of product is best known for its high alcohol presence and also become very popular in the market and among the popular cultures. When you are looking for the pure grain alcohol, you must shop for it at Extractohol. This is the best place to find the food-grade alcohol that can be used for a wide range of purposes such as for the making of essential oils, herbal oils, tinctures, herbal extracts and culinary extracts.

Everclear 190 proof alcohol is best known for its purity and efficiency level. It promotes maximum extraction so that very less residues are left and the extraction remains very pure and powerful. It’s the type of alcohol that can add that much required kick for the juices and soft drinks. It is also used to make the rums as well as vodka based cocktails. As it carries high level of alcohol content, it is also ideas for cooking certain food items so that the original flavors of the food items can be extracted.