Ethyl Alcohol Uses & 200 Proof Ethyl Alcohol: Several Different Applications

Ethyl alcohol: Common Information

  • Ethyl alcohol's chemical formula is C2H5.
  • Ethyl alcohol is another term for ethanol.
  • The most prevalent and commonly utilized alcohol is ethyl alcohol.
  • Another name for ethyl alcohol is ethanol.

Ethyl Alcohol Uses

  • It is used to make synthetic rubber, paints, varnishes, lacquers, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, and colours.
  • As a solvent, it is employed.
  • Ethyl alcohol makes a lot of organic molecules soluble that are insoluble in water.
  • Ethyl alcohol (ethanol), a potent solvent, is a component of numerous medications such tincture iodine, cough syrups, and tonics.
  • Together with gasoline, it serves as a fuel for automobiles.
  • In addition, it serves as the fuel for spirit lights.
  • It is a component in alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, whiskey, and various liqueurs.
  • Around 35% of ethyl alcohol is found in whisky, 10% to 20% is found in wine, and 6% is found in beer.
  • In hospitals and drug stores, it 4 is employed as an antiseptic to sanitize wounds and syringes.

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200 Proof Ethyl Alcohol

When pure alcohol is required, 200 Proof Ethyl Alcohol is a relatively cost-effective alternative with good solvent characteristics. For a range of clinical, commercial, and pharmaceutical uses, including but not limited to:

  • Decontamination & Sterilization
  • Anti-Microbial Agent
  • Preservation of Tissue
  • Synthesis of Organic Chemicals
  • Production Line for Pharmaceutical Excipients and Protein Purification
  • Cleaning
  • Manufacture of paint, ink, and dye
  • Cosmetic Production Medical Device Production Fragrance Production Flavour Extraction

Pure ethyl alcohol and 200 Proof Ethyl Alcohol known as Extractohol is used for tinctures, extracts, concentrates, natural food colouring, advanced baking methods, and many other things. It is non-denatured and additive-free, making it safe for the body and skin both indoors and outside. Depending on the order quantity and destination, there are many packing and shipping options when buying ethyl alcohol in bulk.

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