The Growing Demand for Organic Ethyl Alcohol and High-Proof Ethyl Alcohol

Contemporarily, people prefer to use organic products that are good for heath and also environment friendly. Organic ethyl alcohol has various industrial applications. The demand for organic alcohol is increasing day by day because it is safe to use for manufacturing skin care products, beverages, herbal oils, herbal medicines, sanitizers, food products, and many other applications. Organic ethyl alcohol is made from organic ingredients without the use of pesticides. The process of manufacturing the products obeys the standard industrial rules of production, processing, and packaging.

190 proof ethyl alcohol and 200 proof ethyl alcohol are considered high proof ethyl alcohol.

High Proof Ethyl Alcohol: Common Features

  • Highly flammable
  • Clear and colourless
  • Pungent taste
  • Water soluble

Organic Ethyl Alcohol: Applications

  • A clear, colourless liquid called ethanol is quickly absorbed from the digestive system and dispersed throughout the body.
  • It is frequently used as a topical disinfectant and possesses antibacterial properties.
  • It is frequently utilised in medicinal preparations as a preservative and solvent in addition to being the main component of alcoholic drinks.
  • In fact, ethanol is frequently used as a solvent for products that are meant for human contact or consumption, such as fragrances, flavourings, colours, and pharmaceuticals.

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