Are you Searching for Proof Alcohol?

Double the volume of alcohol (ethanol) is what is meant by proof. The amount of ethanol in an alcoholic beverage is determined by the alcohol proof. The phrase, which was first used in England, was roughly equivalent to 1.8 times the volumetric alcohol content. ABV is currently used in the UK in place of proof. proof alcohol is defined as two times the ABV percentage in the US.

A whisky with 50% alcohol content, for instance, is 100-proof whiskey. Everything that is 80 proof has 40% alcohol, whereas anything that is 120 proof contains 60% alcohol, 190 proof contains 95% alcohol.

A neutral grain spirit of 190 proof (95% alcohol by volume) is called Extractohol. Extractohol 190 Proof Alcohol, which is made entirely of carefully chosen grains, has a neutral flavour profile, a high proof, and the special capacity to extract even the most delicate flavours. It gives you a clean slate, a blank canvas, and limitless possibilities.

For a variety of reasons, 190 proof alcohol is an excellent choice for plant extraction. Most importantly, employing Extractohol 190 proof alcohol to extract plants is extremely effective and absolutely safe.

Proof alcohol has the potential to extract a large amount of oil from the plant before it completely evaporates. As a result, your factory generates the greatest output that may be used in consumable and food-grade goods.

If you want to buy Proof alcohol; 190 proof alcohol and 200 proof alcohol, you will be right to choose Extractohol. You can get quality products at reasonable prices. The products are useful for making tinctures, natural medicines, culinary extraction, RSO oil, and many more.

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