Proof Alcohol is Used to Obtain Maximum Extraction!

There is a wide range of alcoholic beverages coming to the market these days. There are also certain drinks that we prefer during the recreational activities and that also contain alcohol. But the use of the alcohol is not restricted only to the making of such drinks. There are several other applications for which alcohol is used and also making a good statement. Here we are talking about the non denatured type of alcohol which is also known as the proof alcohol or food grade ethyl alcohol. It’s a kind of alcohol that is particularly used to make concentrates, tinctures and herbal extracts. When you are making the plant extracts, you always need the best extractor for the process.

The use of the highest proof alcohol can bring maximum extraction ability. Due to this reason, the quality of the tinctures, essential oils, herbal oils and concentrates remain very up. These things also become pure and highly efficient. If you are looking for the proof alcohol, then you are at the right place. Extractohol can be your ultimate online store to explore the top quality ethyl alcohol that is safe for human consumption and can be used for the making of tinctures and concentrates without any hesitation.

The highest proof alcohol is the one that comes with zero displacement ability when it is poured on the herbs. Due to this reason, it is considered as the best ingredient for the making of culinary extracts and herbal oils. Even for the making of perfumes and aromatherapy oils, this type of alcohol is used. In order to make the organic or highest proof alcohol, step by step distillation and purification processes are followed. Due to this reason, this type of alcohol contains no impurities and very pure in nature. While using it, you can go for maximum extraction of tinctures and concentrates.