100% Pure Certified Organic Cane Alcohol Sale at Extractohol The Most Economical Choice!

Extractohol Company is the leading extractor of food-grade alcohol. This natural extractor is used to create high-quality medicinal and recreation oils. We are powerful in extracting the desired possible compounds. 

This food grade Organic Alcohol is also used for making tincture which is a liquid extract made by soaking the desired herbs in the organic alcohol. We possess an excellent tincture solvent because of high-proof ethanol. 

Our company is the 190-proof neutral organic which makes Certified Organic Cane Alcohol from the certified sugarcane which is grown in the USA. The organic alcohol which is made is the most economical choice alcohol, and it adheres to the highest standards of pharmaceutical purity. 

Extractohol Certified Organic Cane Alcohol is a type of high-proof alcohol which is mainly made with fermented and distilled sugarcane juice. The sugar juice which is used in this process is derived from the sugarcane, grown on organic farms without any use of pesticides and pollutants. 

Buy Cane alcohol for making tinctures, perfumes, and skincare products

The cane alcohol is produced by used by many small-scale industries, perfume manufacturing companies, herbal teas, and hand-sanitizer. Considering the craze of this alcohol in many industries, we are selling pure alcohol (200,190 and 140 proof ethanol) in large, bulk quantities. The alcohols are produced from high-quality sugarcane produced without using any synthetic chemicals. 

Organic Alcohol is safely being in the various states of America for food applications, perfumery, botanical extracts, and industrial spirit production. 

This alcohol is safe for the skin and is safely used for the aromatic blends for aromatherapy, botanical and medical tinctures, facial creams, and natural skin care products and recipes. Our customers frequently use our 190 proof organic alcohols to 50% (100proof) to produce the desired herbal extracts. 

Perfume and Tincture makers also depend on our product for making their desired product. Contact us to have high-proof organic alcohol if you find our product beneficial.