High Proof Alcohol and the Best High Proof Alcohol: Applications and Availability

Alcohol may be used in your house for a variety of tasks, including cleaning and disinfecting. You can use it sparingly on the skin to benefit from its antibacterial and cooling properties.

High proof alcohol is useful for solvent extraction. One of the safest methods of extraction for soluble plant components is solvent extraction. It is a popular choice in the essential oil and botanicals sectors since it yields outcomes comparable to those of other widely used techniques and is one of the least expensive solutions available. It is simple to set up a quick, secure, and affordable workflow using standard laboratory equipment.

High proof alcohol generally has an ABV of 50% or more. A powerful spirit is perfect for tincturing resins, gums, and thick barks or roots, despite the fact that they could be more difficult to locate for sale. Fresh plant material and berries are also excellent candidates because they frequently contain more water and require a stronger spirit to prevent bacterial development. It's vital to keep in mind that fresh herbs or those with greater water content will gradually dilute your alcohol, resulting in a lower ultimate percentage than when you started.

You may extract more of those powerful plant fluids with the best high proof alcohol content to make stronger herbal medicines.

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