Is Consuming Strong Alcohol Safe?


If you're a fan of strong drinks, then high proof alcohol is definitely something you should consider. Not only are these spirits incredibly potent, but they also tending to be quite expensive as well. When the weather is hot and you're looking for an unforgettable drinking experience, nothing beats 190 proof cane alcohol.

Cane Alcohols

Made from pure sugarcane juice, this type of high proof alcohol typically contains around 95 percent ethanol which means it's pretty powerful! And since it's so concentrated, chances are that each shot will pack a serious punch. These kinds of alcohol are sure to give you a run for your money. Although you may not find such alcohols to be available at every wine shop as these are somewhat expensive and hard to get. After all, not everyone likes to consume that high of alcohol content in a single outing.

Harmful Side Effects and Consequences

That said, drinking too much 190 proof cane alcohol isn't the best idea. It can be extremely dangerous and even fatal if consumed in large quantities. In fact, it's not recommended to consume any kind of 190 proof spirits at all unless you want to end up really drunk quickly. But if you are a risk-taker of sorts and do end up consuming some, be sure to drink lots of water after your adventure is over with alcohol, since such high content of alcohol can easily dehydrate your body and dehydration is never a good thing to happen. Be prepared to face the consequences if you do end up trying this kind of alcohol.