Grain Alcohol 200 Proof Is a Very Good Sanitizer to Use

Alcohol is a very useful chemical compound throughout the world. There are lots of usages of alcohol. Ranging from making beverages to the medical field, alcohol is a very useful compound. Since it is an organic compound, it is mostly derived from different organic things like food grains. You can also make alcohol from sugar, and yeast.

The process to make alcohol from grains is called distilling fermented grain. Not only these but there are also some plants and herbs which are known as alcohol extraction herbs. You might have noticed some unusual behavior of the birds and animals sometimes and that’s because they unknowingly have eaten either the fruits or the leaves of such herbs. But for industrial and professional usage, alcohol is made from different grains which are also edible in a certain density and purity.

If you want to produce grain alcohol 200 proof then you need to make ethyl alcohol at first from them. This is done by fermenting the sugar present in the grains by using yeast. After you get ethyl alcohol, you will have to distillate the ethyl alcohol so you can get grain alcohol. This kind of alcohol is pure and is very clear in appearance and doesn’t have any kind of smell in it. The distillation process helps to derive grain alcohol from the fermented grains. If the grain alcohol is in its purest form then you can obtain 95% which is equivalent to 190 proof alcohol whereas 200 proof alcohol is not consumable.