Everclear alcohol 190 proof and Everclear alcohol 151 proof: Extremely Potent Alcohol

The American corporation Luxco manufactures rectified spirit under the brand name Everclear. It is produced from grain and bottled in levels of 60%, 75.5%, 94.5%, and 95% alcohol by volume. The product has gained notoriety due to its popularity on the market and high alcohol level.

Everclear is a 151 proof neutral grain alcohol brand. Everclear proof 151 alcohols, which is made entirely from carefully chosen grains, has a neutral flavour profile, a high proof, and the special capacity to extract even the most delicate nuances. It gives you a clean slate, a blank canvas, and limitless possibilities. It is a corn-based rectified spirit that is Everclear proof 151 (75.5% alcohol by volume) and bottled. It should only be used properly and responsibly as it's incredibly powerful. Please don't consume it neat! It is perfect for cooking because of its high alcohol concentration, which brings out the flavours of the meal.

The 190-proof version of Everclear is made at roughly the feasible limit of distillation purity and contains 92.4% ethanol by weight. Everclear, also referred to as grain alcohol or a neutral spirit, is made by distilling 100 carefully chosen grains. Alcohol with a 95% ABV (190-proof) is the end product. Everclear alcohol 190 proof is colorless, odorless, and has a neutral flavor profile. On the global market, different blends and cocktails are made using the alcohol.

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