The Thrills and Excitement of Alcohol


Alcoholic beverages are available in various types based on the amount of alcohol present. Alcohol proof refers to the amount of alcohol that can be contained in a given container before it becomes unsafe to drink. The higher the alcohol proof, the greater the quantity of liquor capable of being stored within that content before it goes bad.

  1. High Proof Alcohols

190 alcohol proof is the highest level of purity that a spirit can be made at. It means that there are no additives, and only pure spirits are used in production.

Everclear proof 151 is a popular 190 alcohol proof spirit that has been around since the 1800s. It's made from Cognac and neutral grain spirits, giving it an intense flavor with high sugar content. Spirit lovers often mix Everclear proof 151 with cola or other carbonated drinks to create their own unique beverage combinations.

  1. Combination Drinks

While some people enjoy drinking Everclear 151 straight up, others prefer to use it as part of creative cocktails known as "burners." This involves adding this potent liquor to otherwise weaker drink ingredients in order to achieve more pronounced effects. Some common burners include orange juice.

  1. Excess Alcohol Consumption

There are a number of potential effects of high-proof alcohol consumption. These can depend on the individual, but may include: impaired judgment, increased risk-taking behavior, and an increased risk of becoming addicted leading to an increased risk of developing chronic health problems.