Organic 200 Proof Alcohol and Organic Everclear Alcohol Are Pure Organic Products

Two times the volume of alcohol (ethanol) is considered proof. A whisky with 50% alcohol content, for instance, is 100-proof whisky. Anything that is 190 proof contains 95% alcohol, while anything that is 200 proof contains 100% alcohol.

 All ethanol products have a proof listed with the product description, whether they are pure, denatured, natural, or synthetic. The proof, also known as dilution or cut, is a measurement of the product's ethanol portion's water content. Any level of proof can be produced based on the amount of water added. The proof, which is calculated as two times the actual ethanol concentration by volume, is another way to describe alcohol's ethanol content. Most ethanol products, whether pure or denatured, fall into the 200- or 190-proof categories in the industrial world.


Is Everclear a type of alcohol?

Unlike what some people may believe, Everclear is a trademarked brand name rather than the name of a spirit category. The actual spirit is what is referred to as "grain alcohol" or "neutral spirit," which is essentially grain (in this case corn, though potatoes or beets may also be used) that has undergone multiple distillations to produce a clear, unscented, and pure end product.

Organic Everclear Alcohol is 190 proof or 95% ethanol. Extractohol Organic Everclear Alcohol is one the effective alcohols for making herbal tincture.


Organic 200-Proof Alcohol

Extrcatohol Organic 200 Proof Alcohol is useful for making Botanical Extraction, Herbal Oil Tinctures, Perfume industry, Personal care products, cleaning and disinfecting surface.

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