Food Grade Alcohol is Safe for Human Consumption!

There is a wide range of names assigned for the food grade alcohol and you must know them before you get it from Extractohol. This is the best supplier of the ethyl alcohol that is now used for a wide range of applications and purpose. The non denatured ethyl alcohol is safe on the use but it’s the denatured one that is not safe for human consumption. When you are getting the ethyl alcohol, you must keep this thing in mind. So, here we are going to talk more about the food grade alcohol and its uses. If the question what the food grade alcohol is running now in your mind, then here you are going to get the best answer for it!

What is ethyl alcohol? And the answer is pretty much related to the previous question! The food grade alcohol is also known as the ethyl alcohol and considered to be very safe for the human consumption. It’s the purity of the food grade alcohol that makes it a safe option when it comes to human consumption. There are so many names assigned for the ethyl alcohol such as anhydrous ethanol, food grade EtOH, 190 proof-grain alcohol, grain alcohol, non denatured alcohol, food-grade ethanol, etc. As there are so many names for it, you must not get confused when one name is being delivered before you when you want to buy the food grade alcohol.

What is ethyl alcohol? This is also called as ethanol and it’s a colorless and clear liquid. This has always remained as the prime ingredient when it comes to the making of beer, brandy, wine and other alcoholic beverages. The ethanol can easily dissolve in the organic compounds and water. Due to this reason, it has also remained as a vital ingredient for the making of several other products such as beauty care products, personal products, varnishes and paints.