Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol: A Good Alternative Product Made to Highest Standards

What is meant by Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol?

It’s a type of alcohol that is safer for human consumption. It’s very pure without any additives. In the industry, it’s known by various names grain alcohol and non-denatured alcohol. In this alcohol, the water content is significantly less that’s why this alcohol is also known as anhydrous alcohol. Many of us consider denatured alcohol as Food Grade Ethyl Alcohol, but it’s not food-grade alcohol. 

Why use food-grade ethyl alcohol rather than denatured alcohol?

It’s a natural human safe solvent that is very much powerful. This solvent is very much useful for various food safety applications. This alcohol is very much safe; therefore, it’s used in the kitchen, laboratory, and workbench. 

Denatured alcohol has some amount of toxic addictives and is a good substitute for non-denatured alcohol. But it’s a low-quality substitute. Non-denatured alcohol can be a substitute for denatured alcohol, but vice versa is not true. 

Food grade industrial alcohol

Extractohol produces alcohol product which is primarily used as a major product in many industries. We have extensive experience in this beverage industry field, have met high standards, and delivered a high-quality raw material that provides predictable and repeatable results. 

We can comply with a variety of requirements and provide Highest Proof Ethyl Alcohol that readily conforms to all the rigid standards for labeling. We also supply the authorized formulations of the denatured alcohol. 

Uses of alcohol

The alcohol we supply plays a substantial role in manufacturing food dyes, food extracts, yeast, candy glazes, and animal feed supplements. The alcohol is also supplied to the vinegar manufacturing industry. 

The alcohol is also supplied to the beauty care industry like hair and scalp preparation, perfumes, mouthwashes, oral antiseptics, and hand sanitizer. Shampoo and soap manufacturers also use a large amount of alcohol.